Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We will call today

a PE day, animal science day, geography day, health day and literature day.

We called it a PE day and health day because we walked and walked the zoo.  This is how we!  I actually rented out a zoo stroller for all of our stuff and so I didn't hear Elizabeth complain too much.  Jesse wanted the task of pushing the stroller and he took on the "diabetic" bag for our emergencies.  This carries our emergency juice boxes, needles, insulin, extra sets, meters and what not... Today was the first day that I had ventured out with the kids beyond just running to Kroger for a few groceries.  This was a big trip for us. And did I have perfect blood sugars?  Absolutely NOT! In fact, I have no clue what happened.  You would think after walking a few miles I would have a lower number but it seems that when my adrenaline is kicking so does my blood sugar.  I still haven't checked yet tonight but we made it home safely and without any shaking or issues. :) Yay!
I only really wanted to see the pink turkeys...I mean the flamingos.  So we didn't walk the whole zoo.  I justified this to the kids as being that we have a yearly membership.  We can come back in a couple of weeks and do the elephants and carousel.  But we can return in a couple of weeks!

Now back to those pink turkeys...they were the most beautiful God given creatures that I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Now this folks, is about animal science.

Oh yes...we saw birds too.  There were other pictures taken but I picked the ones that I liked the best.
The birds were beautiful.  Such a vibrant blue color too!

After the zoo we made our way through our geography lesson of not relying on 2 different GPS program apps on your phone to get you to a bookstore.  Because they both took us to the old location and it felt like forever until we found where we belonged.
But we finally found it!  We had great literature lessons while in this store.  There were so many books that the kids were in overload on what they could buy.  Jacob has chosen to read the Artemis Fowl series after he finishes the book "The Lost Hero".  He bought the first 4 books in this new series for him.  Elizabeth picked out the #1 book for Junie B Jones series...her first chapter book! She is so excited.  Jesse had picked out a component for his Nintendo DS but didn't get it because it I think it was missing a piece.  Emily didn't choose anything today but looked around a lot!
All the way home Jacob read his book...that warms my heart, A LOT!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We accept the challenge....

One of our main challenges that we face while homeschooling is schooling around diabetes.  We don't walk on egg shells but we definitely after to keep our numbers in mind whenever we are getting ready to learn new concepts and or have an outing planned.  We have been on egg shells, however, wondering if we would have supplies at all.  Our supply company called in January with regrets to being able to service our family any longer since our insurance deductible increased for 2012.  I can't see it going down so I guess there is no other place for it to go....up!  We had to find the new supply company and get through establishing new prescriptions for each of the children and myself.  over the next few days we will be transitioning our supplies from being under my bathroom cabinet to a downstairs closet...just need to make the shelving.  Jesse and I have our work cut out for us for the next couple of days.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Homeschool Update...

I am proud to say that Elizabeth Anne has finally caught up to grade level in math.  I found a 2nd grade lifepac math set on ebay for pennies and bought these pacs for her to work in.  It looks like it will mostly be a lot of review for her.  She will continue these through the summer and start 3rd grade math in the fall.  We will be using the ABeka 3rd grade curriculum for her.
She and Jesse are starting the Apologia Astronomy book this week once I am able to go through the book and pick it a part to plan the lessons.
Jesse is reading the Wayside School Series he was laughing by the 2nd page.  So reassuring to see him enjoy the gift of reading.  He is also working on his US States geography while Elizabeth is working in her Map Skills book.  I will post amazon links to the books we use at the bottom.  They are both finishing up their 9s in addition and Multiplication.  Elizabeth has started place values and learning how to write the numbers in expanded form and in words.  She has made a remarkable progress this year.  Even with the slow start with a new schedule.  I found some of those large workbooks that have a lot of review sheets of the school year and the younger two have been working in those this week.  A couple of pages for each subject each day.  They range from reading comprehension to phonics to alphabetical order and many  more in between.
Jacob is over the halfway mark for his Algebra I class.  He and Emily started French 1 this past week and so far they are enjoying it.  Jacob has begun his Honors Biology I class through CK12 and Emily is taking the Honors Life Science for middle school on the same site.  Lots of great resources are there including student texts, TEs and workbooks that go along with the curriculum.  The older two have also been including Spelling Power and Composition work from Glencoe.  Its just a lot of printing involved.  I don't mind.

Here are the links to the curriculum we are using through the end of summer:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hear Our Praises

I was/still am, when I think about it, on a message board when it was once a big drama to post song lyrics.  As much as music has been a part of my life I can find solice in music and take the deeper meaning into my life.  I can hear songs now that will bring back specific memories as to what was going on in my life at the time when I was listening to a particular song. Ok that didn't make sense...but that's ok.  You understand.  Same thing with smells.  I can smell something and it will bring back a memory.

I like to make new memories and good ones.  This song has been playing just about every evening on either youtube, spotify, pandora or slacker.  With the book series that I am blogging about I can find several similarities.
Hear Our Praises

"may our homes be filled with dancing
may our streets be filled with joy.
may injustice bow to Jesus
as the people turn to pray.

from the mountains to the valleys
hear our praises rise to You,
from the heavens to the nations
hear our singing fill the air.

may Your light shine in the darkness
as we walk before the cross
may Your glory fill the whole earth
as the water o'er seas.

from the mountains to the valleys
hear our praises rise to You,
from the heavens to the nations
hear our singing fill the air.


from the mountains to the valleys
hear our praises rise to You,
from the heavens to the nations
hear our singing fill the air." 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 10...31 Days to Clean

Do you realize today should have been Day 26?  I am catching up slowly and am determined to finish this project.  Hoping my hospital visits will be few and good days are ahead.

Feeling Overwhelmed.

I feel like we covered this in Day 9.  But I see there is more to it.

  • When the house is a mess, only work on one room at a time.   * I can see this working but I would have to say that the kitchen would be chosen first over any of the other rooms.  I couldn't handle cooking or eating in a room that is a mess.  Thankfully, I have 4 capable children that know how to straighten up and get things done.  So I could easily just give all of us 1 room to clean if it gets that bad.

  •  Be generous to your trash can.  *I love my trash can and would tip it money if I could get it to grab stuff by itself.  Getting a big black lawn trash bag is one of the best motivators for the kids.  If I have that bag out then they are usually scattering around picking up all of the things they want to keep so it won't end up at the landfill.

  • Get rid of half the toys.  * Like I said earlier...the big black trash bag gets the job done!  If you are a frequent visitor to McDonalds (we are not) get rid of all those cheap plastic happy meal toys.  We had some kind of toy years ago in the van and every time I went down hill or used my brakes it would say something.  It took me forever to find that dumb toy!

  • Do the 15 minute thing.  * Ever heard of FlyLady...yeah, that's her!  She has a strategy of turning on the timer for 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish in that timeframe.  Would this challenge you or hinder your progress?  I can see it from both point of views.  I would take the challenge but if I am getting in a good cleaning groove I don't want to be distracted by a timer.  But putting my shoes on early in the morning and shining my sink works wonders on getting my endorphins going!

  • Just get moving.   * "Action is the antidote to despair." Joan Baez.   My husband always says to make a complaint you should be part of the solution and not the problem.  If you have the complaint find a way to fix it instead of dwelling on the problem and letting it consume you.

  • Envision the big picture.  * The example that the book gives is about the feeling you get when walking into a well kept home where things are put in place, warm and inviting.  I don't think my feeling and their feeling would be the same.  I would probably walk in and start drooling.  HA HA...that may give me a big picture but this would be my issue to work out on my own 

  • Get off the computer.  *Shut the computer done friends.  Limit your time online with socially addicting websites.  When I first started using a smartphone I thought how wonderful it was that now I would be able to keep up with everyone on my facebook no matter where I was.  Every email would come instantly to my phone, every text, every calendar date...oh the list goes on and on.  It finally came to the point when I had to change my notifications on the phone.  It was making me anxious every time I would hear it "ding" which became way too frequent!  So my friends, its not just the can be your phone too.

  • Keep you eyes on the goal  * Do you have any goal setting experience?  I know that I try and set goals for the children.  But in the mornings I know that I can reflect on how my day should go and hope that everything runs as smoothly as my intentions.  My goals are daily and small....I can work up to the bigger ones but for now I choose not to have high expectiations right now.

  • get Something new for your home that brings a smile to your face.  *  They are thinking of small things like a new picture, knick knack, pillow or a great yard sale find.  To me if I just buy a new sponge/cloth and a cleaning spray I am a happy camper!!!!

Mary's Challenge.  Light a candle and find a cozy spot to be able to reflect and see your big picture.  Think of your home and how you hope it will bring you to a place of refuge.

Martha's Challenge.  Clean window treatments and the inside of the windows.  I found this to be rewarding as it is like instant gratification.  We use blinds and have never been a big fan of curtains so I am able to just put the feather duster to the slats.

Day 9...31 Days to Clean

Confronting Laziness

I know I can fall into this rut very easily.  I actually wanted to come on here and blog about the new Space Angry Birds that was released yesterday.  Yes, it is cool...something different to get the hang of (spend useless hours playing).  I will just get to a point when I will just delete it for awhile so its not a temptation to me.

I wish I could delete a lot of things in life that seem to be a distraction.  I think these distractions are what fuels my laziness.  And only I can call myself lazy when I think I am lazy...don't anyone else call me lazy!  If you do, I will throw out a long list of things that I am responsible for.  Rant!

Mary's challenge is for us to recognize each time that we say "I will do that later" and pray to receive a diligent heart.  I think that my way would be for me to cry out " Why do I procrastinate "?  Why do I get to the point when I don't care and when I do is hard to fix the times when I didn't.  Ugh!!!

Martha...Your challenge is pretty easy for me because all I had to do was provide the fresh flowers.  The kids help out with chores and everything fell right into place today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 8...31 Days to Clean

Putting pictures in the posts are proving to be difficult...I need to put that on my mental list!

Today we are Overcoming the Curse.
If we keep looking at each day and the things we have to do that is what will cloud our eyes.  So why are we to write down our lists? I don't get it?  I think it would make my eyes well up with tears if I had to look at everything I am to do each day.  Instead we are supposed to look forward to our future and eternal life with our Lord.  That doesn't mean leave everything to pot here and be on the show "Hoarders".  We should still keep ourselves neat and tidy.  If you are a hoarder i am sorry if I poked fun at you.  If you would like some help let me know and I will try and recommend a local therapist for you.
Remember everything we have here on Earth was given to us for a time period.  Our children are God's children and we are to raise them according to his teachings.  Our food is from God who provided the soil, sun and rain to help them grow...that is why we give thanks at our meal times.
Disclaimer: I just like the pictures I post from various blogs...I don't have wheat growing near me to get such a beautiful picure therefore, the views expressed in other people's blogs may or may not be the same as mine.  But I can add it to my list of things to read if I can find that specific list.

Mary Challenge:
Back to a time when God changed my character.  I think that my character is ever changing.  I change with the tide.  Experiences whether they are bad or good will influence me to change how I think about things and how I may approach situations.  Thank you God for making me a free thinker and to always have You in my life to be my consult.  To having your Word as a book to abide by and find comfort within.  Thank you for allowing us to make our own choices and know that we may fail but you will always be there for us to pick us up and dust us off.  Amen.

Martha...your challenge will have to wait until later today.  I have an 8 year old girl that is waiting on me to help her determine place values in math.  ttfn!

Day 7...31 Days to Clean

The Curse (What We're Up Against)

Yep I have all of the listed curses.  And here I thought the only curse I had came from Adam and Eve.  Hmmm?

I really like the Characteristics listed of the Curse:
1.  All of creation now tends toward death, decay , and disorder.
This is so true!  Our future holds death, decay and disorder.  We all have to die sometime and everyone has heard the saying "You can't take it with you".
2.  Work is not the Curse; unproductive work in the Curse (destroys your labor).
This would have to be true.  If we don't work towards something then it doesn't get done and things become a mess.  I used to say all the time.  Cleaning is like shoveling snow while it is snowing.  Cleaning when you have kids makes you feel the SAME way!.  Why make your bed if you are just going to get in in it again after a few hours has passed.
There is just a special way your bed makes you feel when you get under the covers and they stay attached to your sheets and not piled up in a wad.  If I don't keep going the mountain gets harder to climb

3. Pollution pictures sin
I have no comment on this as I don't really understand this...but if you do!  Let me know!

4. Evil is temporary and abnormal.
God did not intend for us to have evil chosen for us.  He knew it would be there but he also hopes that we will make good choices and live for Him.  Evil is not the social norm.  The social  norm to me is the old saying " Do unto others as you would want done to you" .  Would you go and throw your trash in someone else's yard?  I know I wouldn't...because what if they had done that to me?  Would I like that....NOOOO!!!! That is just adding to my mountain and lists of things to do already!

Martha's Challenge.  Clean out and organize your pantry.  I may need to go shopping...

Day 6....31 Days to Clean about me feeling like a big failure!  I am determined to finish this out but some things just can not be planned in to my calendar!

The $25,000 Piece of Advice...

I read this and laugh, she said she used to be a Mary Kay lady (still waiting on that pink car), I did this and Avon too.  Also, did Thirty-One.  I liked doing all 3 but each had their drawbacks.  The MK was pretty much a lot of meetings, the Avon did ok unless you were in leadership and then it started to get old really fast.  I really enjoyed Thirty-One and can still do it if I want to but in this economy it has been hard for people to order such luxuries.  I like nice things too but even I have a budget.

1.  Every night before bed write down the top six things, in order, that you need to accomplish the next day (no more than six).  Complete tasks in order and crossing them off.  I think people can get addicted in crossing things off.  I don't tend to write things down and it looks as if I have already blown the first principle as I have way more than 6 things to do in a day.  Like the owl and the tootsie pop commercial when we were kids!  The world may never find out what is on my list!

There is a 6 step program on that can be printed out for your convenience.  For me...I think I will keep it in my head.  I keep things under control better there than if I have it staring at me in my face...LOL!

My Martha Challenge!  My husband is a collector of salt/pepper shakers

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Apologies...

Big Apologies from here.  I have been in and out of the hospital twice for awhile!  I have diabetic gastroparesis and had a major flare up!  Haven't had such a big problem in about 3 years!  I am still recovering and waiting for certain processes to occur but I will be working hard this week on getting caught up.  My house is in such a state as mama hasn't been around much!  Thank you for your understanding!

Much Love!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 5...31 Days to Clean

My Priorities...Hmmm?  My priorities are definitely with my family.

My priorities are probably not in the order they should be in but they would fall into this sequence:


They should be in this order:

This is really hard for me to grasp who comes next?  The way that my brain works it tells me that God should be first no matter what...but then I should be next because if I don't take care of myself before the others who is going to be there for them?  I put the children after myself because they are children and we have 3 children that do have Type 1 diabetes and need consistent care around the clock.  But if I put my husband before the children then does that mean I neglect them or that we take care of them together?  So confused????

My Martha Challenge was to wash the windows on the inside.  I did that but it is a pretty windy day today and think the wind has thrown things at my window!!!

Day 4...31 Days to Clean

Can I put my feet up while I write this post?

Good thing I don't have plastic coverings...reminds me of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"! Love that movie!!  But the couches we have are ones that we bought at the furniture store after telling them we needed something we could take outside and hose down if we needed to! LOL  It had to be kid friendly...and that it is.  We have a blue/greyish microfiber set.  I have matching pillows on the couches that came with them.  No throw blankets on it as they usually are put away.  Our home is so far from being perfect.  We have a large family or what I consider being large with 4 kids anyhow.  How can it be is definitely lived in!

Day 3...31 Days to Clean

Sorry sorry Sorry worked fast this week and I am catching up!

10 Ways to Give Life to Your Home

I know I need to work on number 1.  I am not one to use bad language at all and it stuns me when I hear others speak that way but to encourage, comfort and edify others.  Putting others before ourselves is usually the mom motto but these are specific ways to help others.  Remembering this.

Yes, I agree...clutter causes stress.  I have been telling my husband for awhile now that my goal is to find the simplicity in life.  Clutter doesn't have to always be about papers and knick knacks.  You can have clutter in your heart and become stressed.  Clean your heart first and then see from the inside out.

I love this Scripture and may print and post this in the house:

"And if you give yourself to the hungry, and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light will rise in darkness, and your gloom will become like midday.  And the LORD will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire in scorched places, and give strength to your bones; and you will be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."  Isaiah 58:10-11 (NASB)

My husband rebuilt our home and to him feeling loved means taking care of what he built with his own hands.  So having piles around of just stuff bothers him.  So if the piles are gone then he feels loved.  Asking him further why that is contigent upon me loving him and he responds that if I intentionally put it there then I am intentionally hurting him and his hard work.  While I did understand and took to heart how this made him feel we were also able to come to the conclusion that we both have a lot on our plates and time gets by us quickly.  Shelves are waiting to go in to the downstairs closet so that some things that I have in a small "pile" can be placed easily in the new storage space.