Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

I certainly did not labor today.  What did you do for labor today?  Did you cook, grill, clean, do lesson plans or just took a break?  I took a break and was able to sleep in and wake up to the sounds of the trees blowing in the light wind.  Kids were outside playing all day until just a few minutes ago.  We had friends and family here grilling and I just sat back and had a wonderful dinner.  My daughter is spoiling me right now with a foot massage...does it get any better?  To the kids it does.  I let them know that this week we will not do school on the pretty "play-outside-kind-of-days".  I know we have rain coming in later this week but for now we will take the high 70s temps that have been promised to us!  I look forward to the changing of the leaves...its season is almost here.  The colors are exquisite.    See the beautiful colors I am blessed to see outside of my window when I wake up?  These were taken last fall.  Happy Fall Ya'll!!