Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things to do on a Saturday...

I have 4 workboxes from the week to grade and make plans for the following week.  I am hoping by me starting this on Saturday that means that I am getting better organized?  Please say it is so!

I have made a burp cloth and matching changing pad for a friend's baby already and now I want to make a small bag or pouch for her to put it all in to.  I also bought the travel wipe container to do the cute covering for.  I have all the materials to get that done.  I wonder if I should try and make a pouch for the stuff I made for her to go into her own diaper bag or make one of those cute bags with a few pockets  instead?
Here is a great tutorial on making the rag totes.  Here is a picture of the rag totes

I just sat down with my cup of coffee and just relaxing as the kids are playing and making lunch for themselves.  I believe there are a total of 7 kids in my house right now.  Judge just left for a local jobsite so he shouldn't be too long today.

I would also like to get the autumn centerpiece finished today, washed and dried. I am really excited about seeing this and how it will work.