Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Eve Before...Stocking up, Freezer style

As I embark the journey starting tomorrow of "31 days to Clean" I begin to wonder how it will all pan out.  I can see me getting excited on the first day.  Like a kid in the candy store told to only buy one piece of candy.  I will succeed in completed the first day but I am worried that the excitement will cause me to do more than just the first day's assignment.  Not only will I be keeping a journal of each day I will also have a photo journal running.  I will be posting them on here as well.
So on this eve...I am reading about stocking up my freezer.  I found this Freezer Friendly website called Simple Organized Living.  If you go to the tab: From My Kitchen you will find a bunch of Freezer ideas!  I never knew all of these foods could be frozen...and didn't think of freezing my herbs in ice cube form for later. Here she will show you all the ins and outs of this kitchen art.  What kind of freezer do you have?  Upright or Chest?  We always said we didn't want a chest style freezer because you have to bend over and dig through the frozen goods to find that steak you have been craving for days!  The upright freezers seem to look so organized.  I would love to just label each shelf with veggies, breads, dairy, cheeses...agh!!