Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Resource

If you haven't found the website Teachers pay Teachers I urge you to spend the time to check this webiste.  Lots of freebies and lots of resources that are very cheap

This is an example of something I downloaded for free.  When we write I find that it is crucial for my children to enlighten their writing with words that bring the reader an expression and to feel a part of the story.


I saw this on Facebook but the person who posted it borrowed it from someone I have no idea who the original author is to this but I know its not me. But the words just stood out to me and it made every perfect sense to the problems of the world. Remember how in the big beauty pageants they would get up there and say "world peace"...does everyone not know that Jesus is the reason for the Season? That doesn't just go for Christmas. He is the reason for everything all around us.

A little girl wanted to know what the United States looked like. Her Dad tore a map of the USA from a magazine and then cut it into small pieces. He told her to go to her room to see if she could put it together. After some minutes she returned and handed the map correctly fitted and taped together. The Dad was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly. She said, "On the other side was a picture of Jesus and when I put him back then our country just came together."

This came from a child's voice...what is that saying, "from the mouths of babes".

This we are focusing on prayer with the children. How to pray for people while using our prayer pail and what to pray for. And then we are also going to teach them how to pray at dinners. Jesse did a family dinner prayer that was very innocent and unknowing of what he was actually saying and I am glad that he opened his eyes and wasn't embarrassed but some of us couldn't help but laugh on the inside. We may abandon all our normal classwork to work on Prayer this week. Its so nice to homeschool and have such flexibility