Saturday, March 26, 2011

They are all coming home next year!

We have made the decision as of last week to bring all of the children home for their schooling.  This has been a big step for us.  It has been weighing on my heart all year after bringing Jacob home.
Jacob will be moving in to 8th grade after this summer.  He has progressed so much this year and much of his curriculum has been 6th-7th grade work.  This summer we will be focusing on Pre-Algebra and writing for the majority.

We added Latin in for Jacob and Emily over Spring Break, this has worked out very well!   I printed out the word lists and we came up with words to match the meanings with the roots.  I am thinking about ordering our Latin curriculum through Seton  still window shopping.

I found a Shurley Language Set on ebay and put a bid on the full curriculum and WON!!!  I paid $2 + shipping.  2 BUCKS! I was pretty excited!
More curriculum decisions and ideas coming soon!