Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 8...31 Days to Clean

Putting pictures in the posts are proving to be difficult...I need to put that on my mental list!

Today we are Overcoming the Curse.
If we keep looking at each day and the things we have to do that is what will cloud our eyes.  So why are we to write down our lists? I don't get it?  I think it would make my eyes well up with tears if I had to look at everything I am to do each day.  Instead we are supposed to look forward to our future and eternal life with our Lord.  That doesn't mean leave everything to pot here and be on the show "Hoarders".  We should still keep ourselves neat and tidy.  If you are a hoarder i am sorry if I poked fun at you.  If you would like some help let me know and I will try and recommend a local therapist for you.
Remember everything we have here on Earth was given to us for a time period.  Our children are God's children and we are to raise them according to his teachings.  Our food is from God who provided the soil, sun and rain to help them grow...that is why we give thanks at our meal times.
Disclaimer: I just like the pictures I post from various blogs...I don't have wheat growing near me to get such a beautiful picure therefore, the views expressed in other people's blogs may or may not be the same as mine.  But I can add it to my list of things to read if I can find that specific list.

Mary Challenge:
Back to a time when God changed my character.  I think that my character is ever changing.  I change with the tide.  Experiences whether they are bad or good will influence me to change how I think about things and how I may approach situations.  Thank you God for making me a free thinker and to always have You in my life to be my consult.  To having your Word as a book to abide by and find comfort within.  Thank you for allowing us to make our own choices and know that we may fail but you will always be there for us to pick us up and dust us off.  Amen.

Martha...your challenge will have to wait until later today.  I have an 8 year old girl that is waiting on me to help her determine place values in math.  ttfn!

Day 7...31 Days to Clean

The Curse (What We're Up Against)

Yep I have all of the listed curses.  And here I thought the only curse I had came from Adam and Eve.  Hmmm?

I really like the Characteristics listed of the Curse:
1.  All of creation now tends toward death, decay , and disorder.
This is so true!  Our future holds death, decay and disorder.  We all have to die sometime and everyone has heard the saying "You can't take it with you".
2.  Work is not the Curse; unproductive work in the Curse (destroys your labor).
This would have to be true.  If we don't work towards something then it doesn't get done and things become a mess.  I used to say all the time.  Cleaning is like shoveling snow while it is snowing.  Cleaning when you have kids makes you feel the SAME way!.  Why make your bed if you are just going to get in in it again after a few hours has passed.
There is just a special way your bed makes you feel when you get under the covers and they stay attached to your sheets and not piled up in a wad.  If I don't keep going the mountain gets harder to climb

3. Pollution pictures sin
I have no comment on this as I don't really understand this...but if you do!  Let me know!

4. Evil is temporary and abnormal.
God did not intend for us to have evil chosen for us.  He knew it would be there but he also hopes that we will make good choices and live for Him.  Evil is not the social norm.  The social  norm to me is the old saying " Do unto others as you would want done to you" .  Would you go and throw your trash in someone else's yard?  I know I wouldn't...because what if they had done that to me?  Would I like that....NOOOO!!!! That is just adding to my mountain and lists of things to do already!

Martha's Challenge.  Clean out and organize your pantry.  I may need to go shopping...

Day 6....31 Days to Clean about me feeling like a big failure!  I am determined to finish this out but some things just can not be planned in to my calendar!

The $25,000 Piece of Advice...

I read this and laugh, she said she used to be a Mary Kay lady (still waiting on that pink car), I did this and Avon too.  Also, did Thirty-One.  I liked doing all 3 but each had their drawbacks.  The MK was pretty much a lot of meetings, the Avon did ok unless you were in leadership and then it started to get old really fast.  I really enjoyed Thirty-One and can still do it if I want to but in this economy it has been hard for people to order such luxuries.  I like nice things too but even I have a budget.

1.  Every night before bed write down the top six things, in order, that you need to accomplish the next day (no more than six).  Complete tasks in order and crossing them off.  I think people can get addicted in crossing things off.  I don't tend to write things down and it looks as if I have already blown the first principle as I have way more than 6 things to do in a day.  Like the owl and the tootsie pop commercial when we were kids!  The world may never find out what is on my list!

There is a 6 step program on that can be printed out for your convenience.  For me...I think I will keep it in my head.  I keep things under control better there than if I have it staring at me in my face...LOL!

My Martha Challenge!  My husband is a collector of salt/pepper shakers