Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making do with what you have

Some times we face not having things we may need.  We have our medical necessities in good standing.  But this was just not the priority for me to go out and buy printer paper.  I don't know why I say this as we use our printer til the cows jump over the moon!  I print everything!!

Like i said, we ran out of paper.  So today, after reading about another HS mom teaching their child long division I was thinking...I suppose it is time for Jesse to learn how to divide.  His multiplication facts are really good.  It was perfect timing today.  I tried to make my own worksheet using lined paper but really graph paper is the way to go.  Makes it easier for them to learn about columns, spacing and number organization.

We have started off easy and slow.  Only doing facts between 1 and 5.  After the first 2 lines he took off with the sheet on his own.  Great job Jesse!

Division videos:

I hope these help others!

Elizabeth has been working on Animal Science, basic math, word building, learning more about horses and reading in her book she received at book club.  We had a long night last night as we waited on the storm to pass through.  So just after midnight she decided she wanted to work on some math.  Came in and got her book, finished 11 pages, brought it back and that was it.  Nice thing with homeschooling is that there are no boundaries.  School doesn't end here.  Even when they have their assignments finished for the day, they may decide to do more.  I'm surely not going to hold them back and say "no".  Jacob did the same thing last night.  He asked if he could get an early start on assignments.  I remember because it was 12:07 last night and he thought might as well since he was wide awake.  Proud of them for thinking about their schoolwork instead if the iPod, Droid phone or Kindle Fire.  The other two kids were asleep.  In fact, Elizabeth said that she couldn't sleep because Emily's pump was keeping her awake (really it was the impending storm, but the annoying beeping sound wasn't helping.)  Emily's numbers were going higher.  She seemed to have leveled off so we didn't add any extra insulin to lower her.