Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great Ways to Fund Your Child's Education...sometimes even FREE!

Here are two links from the Christian Home School Hub (you can find their button on the side!)
Part 1

Part 2

Ants, Ants and more Ants!

We read our story about Ants today from  Answered about 4 questions about the ants.
Used this as printout as a visual of the life cycle.

Then watced a few youtube videos about ants
This one included a bee and butterfly too..
After we were finished she decided to lay down for a rest

So I think we are done for the day!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sitting back and listening...

I sat back in my chair and just carefully listened to the chatter of the kids upstairs.  They were getting Tuesday's work done but in a creative way.  Emily had her cell phone out and found some sounds that were the same as fire drills at school and earthquake and  So they were doing emergency drills today in the girl's room.

A short time later I kept hearing more of her cell phone they had a school bell going off and then I would hear the stomping (not pitter patter) of their feet as they ran to a spot and sat down where they had a timer.  Now they are working on their schoolwork..."school" style.

Kind of reminded me as a child on my perspective of what real "school" would be like and the imaginative play that friends and I would take part in.

Monday, August 29, 2011

stick bugs and variables, oh my!

Elizabeth is working diligently on her copywork and just finised reading about stickbugs.  Now she is answering her questions about stickbugs...I didn't learn anything about stickbugs...darn! Can't see her?  She is hiding behind her lap desk while she writes her sentences.
Jesse is working on some make up math work that I found out he didn't finish last he gets to start off his week finishing up last week's lesson plans in a few subjects.  He is still working through his Magic Tree House Book "The Sunset of the Sabertooth"  Sounds like fun to me!  He has a weekly journal that he keeps track of his reading times and summarizes what he read for the day.  Thank you!
Also found some science work through edhelper to work into his book.

Jacob has found a quiet spot at his desk where he switched around his lesson plans.  I think next week he can make his own lesson plans.  He decided to only do science today.  But he is doing his science assignments for the whole week in one day.  However he wants to do it is fine with me.  He likes the block scheduling better I suppose.

Emily has also changed what she wanted to work on today too.  She likes to do research and two of her research papers are on a possible career and a college she might like to attend.  She has already finished her math for today.  Emily is smart and really could do anything she wants to do in life.  She is so enthusiastic and loves the flexibility and choices that homeschooling has allowed her to do.  Now if she could just keep a cleaner desk.... LOL!

As for the mama...I am enjoying some coffee and listening to the quiet of the house...and sometimes a question is here from one of the kids.  After everyone is finished we are going to pull out one of our travel maps and work on map coordinates!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking ahead

Not sure about how the week will go but all of the children have their workboxes completed for the week with a planning sheet.   I was able to complete all 4 of there planners in 3 hours this week instead of 16 hours last week...eek!  I printed a lot of subject packets from so that made it a bit easier too.  This should make for an easier week on them too.  I will have to get the whiteboard out for Jacob and Emily...we seriously need to go over proportions and cross multiplication.  They aren't grasping the concept as well as I thought.  My plan with Elizabeth is to be able to get down to her level and put some sentences together this week using her word cards.  Here is a long list of links that can help others too!  Lots of information and printables.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things to do on a Saturday...

I have 4 workboxes from the week to grade and make plans for the following week.  I am hoping by me starting this on Saturday that means that I am getting better organized?  Please say it is so!

I have made a burp cloth and matching changing pad for a friend's baby already and now I want to make a small bag or pouch for her to put it all in to.  I also bought the travel wipe container to do the cute covering for.  I have all the materials to get that done.  I wonder if I should try and make a pouch for the stuff I made for her to go into her own diaper bag or make one of those cute bags with a few pockets  instead?
Here is a great tutorial on making the rag totes.  Here is a picture of the rag totes

I just sat down with my cup of coffee and just relaxing as the kids are playing and making lunch for themselves.  I believe there are a total of 7 kids in my house right now.  Judge just left for a local jobsite so he shouldn't be too long today.

I would also like to get the autumn centerpiece finished today, washed and dried. I am really excited about seeing this and how it will work.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A different kind of day today

Had bfast at ChikFilA then ran some errands while my 4 went with friend's 3 kids to her house while we did the errands.

I could live at Hobby Lobby...but I don't. Kind of reminds me of that movie about the walmart lady who gave birth in walmart.  Off track, anyhoo.. I could work at Hobby Lobby but it wouldn't help anything and I would be always buying stuff.

Had to make a couple of stops at Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart.

I didn't get much sleep last night so my day was really off from the beginning.  The kids and I get home around 1.  I let them know that they were to complete their Friday work and Jacob was going to take over helping Elizabeth finish her day's work since he finished his week yesterday.  All she had left to do was Geography and Math anyhow.   If you haven't checked out CurrClick yet....I get a lot of my school work from there.

 I HAD to lay down.  I was bummed to have to cancel going to Bunco tonight but knew if I went being overtired I would get sick.  I was able to sleep until 5 this afternoon and I feel much better and think I will probably start stitching on my autumn rag quilt this evening.  The squares are all sandwiched and ready to be sewn together.

Coffee is sounding really good right now too.
Check out other great homeschool blogs too! Virtuous Foundations Homeschool

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Planner Printables

Found a lot of planners for free...if anyone is looking for some pretty ones I think these meet my expectations

I thought I would add to this post of free planners:

Free Book Sticker Labels:

Free Gift Tags:
Many already know about Donna Young's site but here is the link for the planners:
Some plain ones and some you can use as refills to your planner binders:
Household notebook planners and they have a printable for fabric inventory...going to snatch that myself!!
Meal Planners
Planners and organizers...most free a few costs



Elizabeth start a unit study about "Bugs" today.  This is the curriculum we are using from CurrClick, we buy 2 chapters at a time.
Simple Schooling has a lot of great educational unit studies for students

How excited she is.  We learned about the scientific name of insects and the differences between insects and bugs.  And body parts too. This video backed up all the terms we learned about the bugs!!
She did some alphabetical order with the bugs, matching pictures with words and then a definition matching exercise.  We have two books that we are reading with our bug unit study called Bugs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Year with More Kids-And free resources

Yes, I know I haven't kept up with the homeschool blog but my excuse is I took time off for the summer.  Even though the kids didn't have time off that whole time. HA!

We have been learning so much lately on what is working and what isn't.

Jacob skipped up to 8th grade for this year and were blessed with the Switched on Schoolhouse for 8th grade for his curriculum.  He did this program for about a month and it really didn't click with him well at all.  Back to the drawing board for him then.  Now he is doing ABeka Pre-Algebra and likes this better.  We also won the Monarch Algebra I course last spring.  The way things are going He will probably not start the Algebra I until after Christmas.

Jesse is using mainly ABeka and then he has Lifepacs for Math.

Emily is using ABeka for Math, Language Arts C.   The rest of the subjects we are just supplementing with unit studies.

Elizabeth has Mammoth Math that she is doing well working through.

I cross posted this morning a list of free resources for homeschoolers.  I was amazed with this new list!  Especially the CK12 website.