Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hurry before the end of the month!

I don't know if anyone else does this...but we do!  Since our insurance is all paid up from deductibles and OOP expenses we needed to get all equipment in before the 1st of the year and all the deductibles go back to ZerO!

The kids were able to get their sensors in!  Yay!
I suppose you can say that we have a charging station now on the edge of my bathroom vanity.  I wish it stayed this neat and tidy...but it doesn't!  I have one tha tis blinking red right now so I am assuming it needs a new battery!  I will have to look at this in a bit!  Getting the boxes delivered felt more like Christmas to us!  They have waited a good time to get these and have spent quite a few night with lows and shaky, yucky feelings!
Our 12:12 on 12/12/12 picture!  Only one was not at 12:12...she did it at 12:14 because it took her extra time to get more blood out of her finger!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas I blog over to you...

This fun day!!

Yesterday, Elizabeth was able to meet her K12 teacher in person at the winter social 2012.  In our area the children met up at the bowling alley.  They had a coloring poster for each of them to color on and then had a drawing for 10 of the K12 string backpacks.  Elizabeth was a lucky winner for the backpack.!!

Jacob didn't want to come with us...must be a 13 thing not to go bowling with your mom and siblings. Idk!  But we did have fun!  This bowling alley has the BEST fried mushrooms around and when I told Emily we were going she was so giddy about getting the mushrooms.  I was smart this time and bought our drinks as a pitcher of soda otherwise I would have been paying more for refills.  So we downed a pitcher of soda, two orders of fried mushrooms and a large pizza!

I bought the kids 3 games each because I figured the time will go by quickly and this would keep them busy.  But it was hard to keep Elizabeth at our lane and she was fluttering around talking to other kids (which is fine!) and trying to keep the attention of her teacher.  "Watch me", "Did you see that?" and "Can I go home with you"...which I feel makes a parent feel about an inch tall thinking we aren't doing something right that Elizabeth thinks her teacher can do better.  While I am sure that is not the case but that's what it feels like anyhow.  

About 10 minutes into the bowling session the lights turned off and cosmic bowling was ON like donkey kong! I know cheesy...but it sounded pretty good in my head to say that on here.  Emily wore the perfect shirt for this occasion.  Didn't plan for it to work out as good as it did...but it was awesome!

The other three have taken their holiday break a bit early.  So much has been going on to get ready for Christmas.  Some nice weather we have had with a few days of rain.  We are still recovering from the Christmas play days where the kids took part as banner carrier, offering bearer and in the homeschool handbell choir.  These days were proud mama, daddy, grandaddy and aunt days!  We even had a friend of ours come with us on 2 nights of the performance.  Everyone that took part in the play did a superb job!

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And it wouldn't be a complete blog post if I didn't plug in Pampered Chef as well!  
This month I will be organizing a Pampered Chef Order of the Month Club.  Looking for groups of 12 who will commit to buying $20 in products + applicable taxes & shipping.  Each month a new hostess of the group will have the honor of earning the free products and hostess gifts!  Easy, right?  If you are interested in this leave a comment and let me know.
Yesterday was a long day with appointments and shopping.  But I came home to daddy and Jacob making potato chips in the deep fryer!  He used the Simple Slicer from Pampered Chef and raved over how easy it was to do!  "simple" would have been my word and the obvious word to use but I will take his "easy" anyhow!  The Simple Slicer is only $30 in the catalog and it adjusts to 3 different thickness selections.  See our potatoes??  Come visit me at

Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas "our" style

On the 1st Day of Christmas our family

Checks their blood sugar 7 times

On the 2nd Day of Christmas our family

Eats 15 carbs and waits 15 minutes

On the 3rd Day of Christmas our family

Scrambles to find out who is online to help with a carb question

On the 4th Day of Christmas our family

Greets the mailman with 4 giant smiles

On the 5th Day of Christmas our family

Makes 4 different doctor appointments

On the 6th Day of Christmas our family

Has hypos at different times of the day (remember there are 24 hours in a day)

On the 7th Day of Christmas our family

Asks, "Are you HIGH?"

On the 8th Day of Christmas our family

all changes our pump batteries

On the 9th Day of Christmas our family

Somebody yells, "Who is beeping", "What does it say"

On the 10th Day of Christmas our family

Tries to plan which pajamas to buy according to how well the pump will clip on

On the 11th Day of Christmas our family

looks at their sore fingers and wonders if that lump of black dots will go away

On the 12th Day of Christmas our family

Has diabetes but diabetes doesn't have us and we have 4 great blessings to thank God for!