Monday, January 31, 2011

Ancient Egypt hasn't changed much since 1999.

I am finding that Jacob really likes the textbooks rather than the way we have been homeschooling.

So I was at Goodwill the other day and found a social studies textbook. Thumbed through it and noticed that it had some of the same things we were studying this year. Don't know what grade level it is so I bought it...I mean for $2.99 I am not overspending. I get home and do a search and it is a 6th grade textbook. What luck I had!! Glad I decided to buy the book. Then I get online and I found a brand new workbook to accompany it on ebay for $3.87. This is on the way right now. So I was sharing with my mom about my great finds and she says "yes, but how old is the textbook?" I think it is 1999. But you know....Ancient Egypt really hasn't changed that much since 1999! Don't you agree?? LOL
I found the next book in the series for 7th grade too on my I really don't need teacher editions to these books either b/c if I can't figure the answer easier than him then I shouldn't be homeschooling. I don't have teacher editions for any of my books. I have some answer keys on my math curriculum.
Not only did I score on the social studies books, but I also was able to use my book credits to get science books for 6th and 7th grade (weather, tornadoes, planets haven't changed much over the years either...and I am not buying books from the 40s. Yes, I will let them know about Pluto, as if they don't already know about what happened to this planet's status) and I found literature books too.

Today when I was working on the lesson plans for this new social studies book I found an accompanying website to this textbook with plans already made for me!! Woohoo!!