Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scheduling changes

I am sure I am not the only one that has to make scheduling changes as life interrupts are smooth running days, weeks and months.  We have had a minor setback due to allergies, sick germs, mrsa and Emily's back surgery.  She does have a school note until March 11th...but I am sure kids at a real school don't have couches, recliners and a bed to sit in and do their homework! :)  We do therefore you can get some schoolwork done.
A few new things were found by reading other people's posts on fb.  One being the Liberty Kids series has their full episodes online at Youtube.  Each episode is divided into two videos each being just under 11 minutes long.  Jesse and Elizabeth are going to watch these for part of their history curriculum.  Easy to do on their kindle fire's with earbuds!

I picked up some Decimals series books by Key Curriculum Press.  We are starting in Book 2.

Jesse is still continuing in the Apologia series for A&P.  He should finish by May.  I really like their easy experiments that may be easy but the experiment gets the concept to the child and that is the point.

He is also still working on Word Building with the 6th and 7th level books...

IEW will be integrated into our schedule now in the mornings as well as Handwriting and Spelling.

I still need to get into Elizabeth, Jacob and Emily's schedules tomorrow but at least Jesse's is complete (until April 1st that is).

How wrinkled is your brain?

Found on the Smithsonian blog today about the differences in brain size and whether the animal has a smooth brain or a wrinkled brain.  Which are similar and which are different?  In the article Nuwer makes observations of how three of the animals have brains that are shaped as a liver.  Very interesting.  Why does she say this?  What shape is a liver?

Great image from the blog mentioned above to learn about shapes, patterns and even math.  I say math because they did give us a scale at the bottom of the image that students can measure each brain to get an idea about the size and area.  Tracing, they could place a thin sheet of paper over each brain and trace the brains.  Make a lapbook and take this even more in depth and study each animal.  Lots that can be made just by this one article.  I am not an evolutionary thinker so I can read this without wondering why the brains are so similar because I know I did not start as a monkey or evolved from the grey squirrel.