Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lesson Plans in the summer

I thought I would share what summer lesson plans look like for the older two kids 8th and 9th.  Jacob is finishing up 3 high school credits this summer (Algebra 1, American Literature and 9th grade English) and then we just introduced Biology.  Jacob chose to use Apologia Biology even though I chose A Beka but I thought if I gave him a choice he will show ownership in what he learns.  So yay me! I get to teach two different Biology curriculums!  ::insert rolling eyes here::  
Emily is working on Pre-Algebra and Biology (just started too).  I didn't stay as consistent as I thought I would this summer as I really enjoy watching the kids play outside, which makes the inside really quiet at times! LOL!  The younger two kids are doing things sporatically.  Daddy is home today so he had them painting downstairs.  That's art, right??
I scanned their laminated schedules.  Oh before I forget.  I found the template for their schedules on Donna Young's website.  This is the exact ones that I downloaded:  I used the 9 week one (5 days a week) and I used the 6 week planner too.  Excuse the extra privilege restrictions on Emily's sheet.

I know you want to know how it went...

I did a 95% gluten free meal for myself last night.  The only thing that wasn't GF was the sauce.  I need to find a good sauce for my rice noodles.  I am leaning towards going back to gluten free because it helped curb my sweet tooth and kept me from eating breads.  I don't like bread but once I have some...I really like it!  As far as going dairy free again...I really need to.  My body does not like dairy and dairy doesn't like me either.  Some instances it does alright but not most!  My hope is to be dairy free though by mid-July.  Gluten free will be gradual as I read and research more!  But enjoy a picture of my dinner from last night!  There is chicken, zucchini, red pepper, onion, avocado and rice noodles! Delish!  Kids had the same thing except with mini penne pasta. :)