Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Early Bird Got the Worm this Morning!!

Usually I don't refer to myself as an early bird!  I was kind of excited to get up and see who won the Presidential election .  Like waking up early to see what Santa brought!!

Kids started chores early, breakfast, showers...they all left to take the van to the shop and walk home.  So really we got a lot done already!  
Elizabeth and I sat down and finished a social studies lesson on scarcity, trade-offs and opportunity costs.  3rd grade is too young to learn such economic issues.  But at least they watered it down when they started talking about chocolate bars.  That peaked her interest.
We worked on a science lesson distinguishing the difference betweeen vertebrate animals and invertebrate.  Swim bladders, gills with oxygen in and carbon dioxide out!  She had about 4 pages of verb worksheets to finish before her class connect this morning and then she is finished

Today as I was looking through the catalog there is a delightful dessert that I like to make that is super easy.  Its just lemon pie filling and a box of angel food cake.  That's it! 
This is a great thing to whip up that is fast and easy and tastes great!  I normaly don't frost mine.  I just eat it plain or even sprinkle some powdered sugar over it.  I have made them in small loaves too!

Here are some tools that would work great to make this awesome dessert/ snack!!   Online Party ends FRIDAY
Brownie Pan                  

 Silicone Floral Cupcake Pan