Tuesday, September 25, 2012

our own -ism's

Genesis, Exoiticus, Deuteronemetry (Too much geometry on the brain?)...ok just stop right there.  I can't make this stuff up.  This coming from our 12 year old who we are teaching the books of the Bible to.

We were leaving the mall area Friday night after Jesse and Elizabeth saw Nemo together.  Jesse tells me, "In a few years I will be mowing lawns and taking Elizabeth to the movies".  Me, "on your lawnmower". Jesse quickly without thinking says, "yes"..."I mean NO!"  I wouldn't take her on a lawnmower...I need lots of Kubotas.  (Thanks to our Texas trip this is the latest and greatest thing to him)

While driving one day a few years ago Judge asks the kids what chemical change occurs in a toilet.  The kids all yell out answers.  Pee!   Poop!  Color! And Jesse yells, "FLAVOR"!!