Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free Planner Printables

Found a lot of planners for free...if anyone is looking for some pretty ones I think these meet my expectations

I thought I would add to this post of free planners:

Free Book Sticker Labels:

Free Gift Tags:
Many already know about Donna Young's site but here is the link for the planners:
Some plain ones and some you can use as refills to your planner binders:
Household notebook planners and they have a printable for fabric inventory...going to snatch that myself!!
Meal Planners
Planners and organizers...most free a few costs



Elizabeth start a unit study about "Bugs" today.  This is the curriculum we are using from CurrClick, we buy 2 chapters at a time.
Simple Schooling has a lot of great educational unit studies for students

How excited she is.  We learned about the scientific name of insects and the differences between insects and bugs.  And body parts too. This video backed up all the terms we learned about the bugs!!
She did some alphabetical order with the bugs, matching pictures with words and then a definition matching exercise.  We have two books that we are reading with our bug unit study called Bugs