Saturday, March 16, 2013

Abeka Biology 2 and Chemistry then back to Apologia

I think we are going to continue on with the Abeka Chemistry.  But will do a more in depth study of Biology for a Biology 2 credit first.  Then their last year of high school we will switch to Apologia and study the Marine Biology.  I think this course will be very unique for them and will set them apart from other high schoolers competing for a spot in college.
Jacob doesn't seem to be enjoying the A&P portion of the biology like Emily does.  He is wanting to study the animal and cell aspects instead.  They may be studying different things for their Biology 2 class.  I think the kids should have some kind of voice into what they want to learn within practical parameters of course!  They will probably complete the Biology 2 over the summer this get into the Chemistry next year.