Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In history...

In history...that is how children nowadays think about history.  That it was just something stupid that happened in the past and why should they learn about it now?  In public school, they learn that "stupid" history fact to pass a test and then do a brain dump.  Not everybody but I can tell my son has done that.  Emily and I were sitting here having a discussion about Rosa Parks and Jacob couldn't even tell me who she was.  So guess what he is doing?
Why are kids pumping and dumping their education?  Do they really need to know every fact, detail and date?  I think that if you were to ask a kid who is "so and so" they should know the general information about that person.  I know for a fact that Jacob learned about Rosa Parks in public school...where did that information go?

New Year...New ?

The day has started out well if you haven't already been stalking my facebook then you would have seen this:
Ok, sorry I was distracted by an email and a game request.  I am just going to post what I wrote on facebook regarding the number pictured above.
The first blood sugar I have looked at in 2013. Its a sensor number so this could go in either direction should I decide to poke my finger and squeeze it to make it bleed. I think I will save that horrifying experience for later when things don't feel "right".
  • Its the hot lottery number in the world of diabetes. I don't believe in superstitions or premonitions or any kind of "itions" but I am hoping and praying for a good diabetes year (see I believe in "ing" words). Disregard the mountain before the 100...that doesn't count anymore. The truth of the matter is that it came down and that is the important part. Yes, I know I am talking myself into things but at least I am keeping it positive!

 oh that smudge on the ESC button is chocolate if anyone was wondering

So of course the only appropriate thing to do is to change my cover picture to the one above and make my profile picture a downloaded Hershey's Chocolate (bells) picture.  Because, after all...that is what created that smudge on my button!

This year
  • I plan to have a good diabetes year and overcome my short something.   Should I say short falls? Or short comings?  I mean I did just use the word overcome...Anyhow, I just would like to do better and continue to get better.
  • I plan to get to those game requests a lot sooner on my phone...sorry random opponents I don't know...but you keep some of my world rotating.  For those that I play that do know me, I expect to get more requests from you.  Not the facebook games! I don't do those.  And I don't like games that you can buy/upload a cheat app to help you beat me better.  It gets pretty obvious if my total score is like 300 and yours is 6,000.  I know I am not that dumb!
  • I plan to plan better.  I always say that when I plan, God laughs.  Well he did it again this week.  I planned all weekend for this week.  We were going to start back with our lessons.  Well, yesterday we had a guest and today daddy is home and we want to go swimming instead.   Did you hear that?  HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yep that was Him laughing at me. 
  • I plan to delete people on my facebook that either 1. I really don't know 2. They don't have diabetes or 3. They are not a cross stitcher.  4. You are a homeschool mom.  So if you don't know me in real life and we don't converse outside of facebook and we don't have a texting relationship...consider yourself gone.  You should have diabetes too because if you don't then I am sure you don't want to hear about my numbers or the kids numbers and be able to understand when we are "high" and not think we are junkies.  I have to keep my homeschool moms because that is an outside connection that I need...or maybe its their ideas that I really need.   Cross stitchers just "get" me...most of them at least do.  Some have the ADD bug like I do and stitch for awhile and then wonder why they aren't stitching for the past month?  So, yes, I am cleaning up my facebook.  I am glad I have found people I haven't seen in ages but just because I found them doesn't mean I talk to them.  Do you?
  • I plan to blog more.  Blogging is like therapy to me.  It gets my feelings out and I don't have the fear of being judged.  Because if I did feel judged I would blog about YOU! lol...j/k! ::maybe not::

This may be a good start for me.  We have a lot to look forward to this year.  Big plans...lets just hope they work out!  One of our big plans involves a great present received last week!  This kids have been out of the house most of the week because of it.  I have had an empty bed at night also!  Big perks for me!  We have already started mapping out where we want to go too!  We all got new bicycles...nah, just kidding!
This is so new to us and we are so excited!