Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Year with More Kids-And free resources

Yes, I know I haven't kept up with the homeschool blog but my excuse is I took time off for the summer.  Even though the kids didn't have time off that whole time. HA!

We have been learning so much lately on what is working and what isn't.

Jacob skipped up to 8th grade for this year and were blessed with the Switched on Schoolhouse for 8th grade for his curriculum.  He did this program for about a month and it really didn't click with him well at all.  Back to the drawing board for him then.  Now he is doing ABeka Pre-Algebra and likes this better.  We also won the Monarch Algebra I course last spring.  The way things are going He will probably not start the Algebra I until after Christmas.

Jesse is using mainly ABeka and then he has Lifepacs for Math.

Emily is using ABeka for Math, Language Arts C.   The rest of the subjects we are just supplementing with unit studies.

Elizabeth has Mammoth Math that she is doing well working through.

I cross posted this morning a list of free resources for homeschoolers.  I was amazed with this new list!  Especially the CK12 website.