Monday, June 25, 2012

What is your liquid gold?

I always thought of myself as being a rich person in the sense that I don't have a need that isn't met.  I have a handsome husband of almost 17 years.  Four awesome children.  The right and blessing to be able to homeschool our children how we see fit.  Foods that help me make up my mind on what we feel like eating for dinner and not have that choice made for us.  A roof over our heads, cool air in the summer, heat in the winter and running water.  I know that many others have these things too.  What you may not have to worry about is...
Insulin.  Over the weekend my wonderful, handy husband built shelves in our downstairs closet to hold more of our "stuff".  Most are filled with diabetic supplies and it makes it easier to take inventory on the items we are getting low on.  It didn't dawn on me until this morning how low we were on our insulin for the insulin pumps.
I quickly called the children one by one and asked them to check their pumps and see how many units they had left.  Jesse and Elizabeth have enough to last them awhile but Emily only had 1.5u left which would only last her about an hour.  And my pump, well...mine said No Delivery.  Which means the insulin was used already.  We found a little bit of "gold" which I estimated to be about 75u but when I refilled Emily's pump we only got about 20u out...must have been air (in a pen).  I went ahead and filled her pump up.  Made a few phone calls and a few words to friends about our "need".  I took my pump off in the meantime, I was upset and really didn't want anything to do with it anyhow. As long as the kids were taken care of that was all that mattered to me.
Later we were able to get some apidra and some friends are able to send more to help us out as we get through this slump.
Sometimes you really don't know what you have that can be counted as gold until it isn't there.  And today, it wasn't there.  So if your "gold" is your children, be thankful they are there each and every day.  A lot of people are considering gas in our vehicles as liquid gold as it has been so expensive!!  Our "gold" today was insulin.  Insulin keeps us alive each and every day, for that...I am blessed and grateful!