Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OCD can work but somedays aren't ideal...

I am not sure what has come over me lately.  Cleaning, bleaching, cleaning, cooking, meal planing, caring for an eyelash crested gecko, 3 children that are Type 1 diabetic and 1 that claims to be just "aweosme" as he reaches his first teen birthday this week!
To most people that know me I know what you are thinking.  Either 1. Glad she found time before I had to pay for a babysitter to come and help her out or 2.  Anyone want to pitch in to buy a gift cards to "merry maids".  HAHA!  As long as I can remember I have been the type to "do" when I "can".  Usually this occurs in the late afternoon through the evening hours.  Endorphins kick in and then you look at the clock and say..."Its 4AM" Then the eyelashes start to slow down while you are yelling at them for just 15 more minutes!

Tonight, the night before the trash truck comes to wake us up in our neighboorhood, was the night to clean out our refrigerator.  I went grocery shopping to day so I would think (as the normal thinking mind I tend to use) it would be better to hold off on filling the refrigerator up  until there were clean shelves again and get the 20 milk caps that are stuck with an unidentifiable substance in the very back.  So Jacob and Emily took this task on.  Then Elizabeth found some cleaning fairy dust and began to clean out the inside door and shelves.  She was ecstatic to find out they came off!!  Whoa!!  Took a few hours to complete this task.  Most of the time was used trying to figure out how the bottom full shelf reassembled with the glass and drawer tracks placed in the correct area!  The kids did a great job!  I know that I will never be featured on CMT Cribs or MTV cribs so I thought I would take a picture of inside of the "clean" fridge.  The doors look jammed packed! I did shop today but after seeing a clean fridge I may have to get more food!  Nah...I meal planned this week and we will have leftovers in no time!  Of course seeing this reminded me that I had some snap bean stuff (never bought it before) you eat raw.  I rinsed them and lighly salted them...good stuff!

I am doing this while watching the other computer monitor stream live from a chicken coop.  So I am watching these chicks find their way around to sharing on who gets to squat where. will love it in the morning.

After taking inventory at Walmart tonight for 3 hours we made our way over to the new Pet Palace store that has opened its doors.  We have always enjoyed their pet store.  But today they were unpacking new fish so you saw bubble bags floating everyone.  It is a little dark in the store.  But that didn't keep Elizabeth from finding a roaming cat.  The cat wanted nothing to do with Elizabeth but she didn't care and pestered the cat anyhow.  There was a live snake just sitting in a box that was open.  Upon further inspection by at least 10 feet away the snake was having a late lunch.  I yell out to someone that a snake is out in the open and one of the workers said, "Its ok, he won't eat while in his cage".  I know I wouldn't enjoy eating in a cage either but I would sleep much better if I knew a snake was getting some shut eye with a screen, lock and glass between us

Oh a chicken woke up.

After cleaning the refridgerator and running the dishwasher I see there are a sink full of dishes still.  We need a better dishwasher too.  One that we can run and clean dishes while trying to clean a kid in the shower.  One that will do its main job...CLEAN.  A lot of times my glasses come out cloudy.  Amazing how when you handwash the glasses that they can be used for drinks!  Getting all of the dishes led to the counters which were in such a sad mess.  Tomorrow, I have the thought of 1 child reorganizing our utensil pots to where they become a functional part of our cooking sessions.  Counters, cabinets,Stove, Dishwasher, Fridge and hands are all bleached.  Now on to the floor!  I found out that you really shoud sweep before mopping the floor.  It get annoying when you start sliding corn chips across the kitchen floor.  I guess I am a  little opposite.  I mopped, it dried and I swept.  LOL!  It worked for me.
I must remember that another child need to reorganize the trash cabinet....sometimes they miss. :(
Another should be on cookware and storageware organization.  If you open a cabinet and everything falls out on the is no long organized.  Hoping for a change soon!

The next project that was tackled was my once known as Craft Table.  That was an over rated tag when it was in the planning phases.  Its like having a kitchen counter cluttered with appliances.  ( I did it, I moved them).  Now this desk has a lot of appliances. A desktop computer, printer, laptop, laminator, tv, cable box and scentsy warmer.  We have homeschooling books sticking out of our ears down to between our toes.  Now it feels functional. Now that we have kindles what do we do with all the books we have?

Sorry chick...was I crunching too loud for you? poo'd!!! while I am eating too!

Bleaching the floor is a great incentive to put nice smelly lotions on!

For the past 2 days the goal was to get to the sewing area and downsize and work some of the things in  to the desk area.  The sewing machine will be placed on the left side of the desk.  Materials...I haven't decided yet what to do with the scraps.  I have a few projects I would like to see through.  And my poor cross stitchign buddy has waited two nights on me and I am still not ready!  I keep getting sidetracked to something else!  Tomorrow maybe???

The chicks are still going strong but I am not anymore.  I ready to bolus and go to bed...My productive days are few and probably numbered.  I think a driveway sale may be in order for a couple of months from now. That gives me enough time to back out of!
Good night...have a great Wednesday!!