Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lesson Plans in the summer

I thought I would share what summer lesson plans look like for the older two kids 8th and 9th.  Jacob is finishing up 3 high school credits this summer (Algebra 1, American Literature and 9th grade English) and then we just introduced Biology.  Jacob chose to use Apologia Biology even though I chose A Beka but I thought if I gave him a choice he will show ownership in what he learns.  So yay me! I get to teach two different Biology curriculums!  ::insert rolling eyes here::  
Emily is working on Pre-Algebra and Biology (just started too).  I didn't stay as consistent as I thought I would this summer as I really enjoy watching the kids play outside, which makes the inside really quiet at times! LOL!  The younger two kids are doing things sporatically.  Daddy is home today so he had them painting downstairs.  That's art, right??
I scanned their laminated schedules.  Oh before I forget.  I found the template for their schedules on Donna Young's website.  This is the exact ones that I downloaded:  I used the 9 week one (5 days a week) and I used the 6 week planner too.  Excuse the extra privilege restrictions on Emily's sheet.

I know you want to know how it went...

I did a 95% gluten free meal for myself last night.  The only thing that wasn't GF was the sauce.  I need to find a good sauce for my rice noodles.  I am leaning towards going back to gluten free because it helped curb my sweet tooth and kept me from eating breads.  I don't like bread but once I have some...I really like it!  As far as going dairy free again...I really need to.  My body does not like dairy and dairy doesn't like me either.  Some instances it does alright but not most!  My hope is to be dairy free though by mid-July.  Gluten free will be gradual as I read and research more!  But enjoy a picture of my dinner from last night!  There is chicken, zucchini, red pepper, onion, avocado and rice noodles! Delish!  Kids had the same thing except with mini penne pasta. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

What is your liquid gold?

I always thought of myself as being a rich person in the sense that I don't have a need that isn't met.  I have a handsome husband of almost 17 years.  Four awesome children.  The right and blessing to be able to homeschool our children how we see fit.  Foods that help me make up my mind on what we feel like eating for dinner and not have that choice made for us.  A roof over our heads, cool air in the summer, heat in the winter and running water.  I know that many others have these things too.  What you may not have to worry about is...
Insulin.  Over the weekend my wonderful, handy husband built shelves in our downstairs closet to hold more of our "stuff".  Most are filled with diabetic supplies and it makes it easier to take inventory on the items we are getting low on.  It didn't dawn on me until this morning how low we were on our insulin for the insulin pumps.
I quickly called the children one by one and asked them to check their pumps and see how many units they had left.  Jesse and Elizabeth have enough to last them awhile but Emily only had 1.5u left which would only last her about an hour.  And my pump, well...mine said No Delivery.  Which means the insulin was used already.  We found a little bit of "gold" which I estimated to be about 75u but when I refilled Emily's pump we only got about 20u out...must have been air (in a pen).  I went ahead and filled her pump up.  Made a few phone calls and a few words to friends about our "need".  I took my pump off in the meantime, I was upset and really didn't want anything to do with it anyhow. As long as the kids were taken care of that was all that mattered to me.
Later we were able to get some apidra and some friends are able to send more to help us out as we get through this slump.
Sometimes you really don't know what you have that can be counted as gold until it isn't there.  And today, it wasn't there.  So if your "gold" is your children, be thankful they are there each and every day.  A lot of people are considering gas in our vehicles as liquid gold as it has been so expensive!!  Our "gold" today was insulin.  Insulin keeps us alive each and every day, for that...I am blessed and grateful!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's HOT out there!!

I was going to come on and complain about the heat but then I got to thinking.  I am sitting inside with central air, a glass of diet mtn. dew on the table next to me, an LMN movie on the tube, my cookie monster flannel jammie pants still on and I am surfing through blogs and "meeting" new people.  I am this will not be a complaining post! :)

I found a community of bloggers...check out the shiny new button on the right for SITS.  Its shiny so try and rub it gently! Of course, I have to spend a considerable amount of time learning the ropes of this new website (new to me).

My first blog I visited was that of a fellow homeschooler!  She has some really cool ideas!!  Definitely going to be making solar cookies this week with the kids!  Might as well make a positive memory in this high heat week!  The materials needed seem minimal:

  • cookie dough (the most important part!)
  • a cardboard box with a lid (a shoebox, shipping box, etc.)
  • aluminum foil
  • plastic wrap
  • strong tape (shipping tape, duct tape, etc.)
  • scissors
  • a separate piece of cardboard (such as the side to a cereal box)
Head over to No Doubt Learning and learn how to bake cookies in a shoebox this week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not my 101 but her 101...but my LADA

Diabetes 101  I don't agree with the notion that exercise is the ONLY option. Yes, I think there are definite benefits to your mental health and possibly with compliance.  But others for example have issues with their kidneys (no big surprise there when it comes to diabetes) and with exercise could come adrenaline spikes.  You can get these even if you just get excited or stressed out.  And the type of diabetes you are is very important too.  Since 3 of our kids have diabetes and myself I think that we all have our differences.  I consider myself to having Type 1.5 while Emily and Jesse have the Type 1.  Looking at the way Elizabeth responds to different insulin regimens I would almost bet that she is a Type 1.5 just like me.  But according to the chart on this other website it says the onset is as an adult.  I am not sure a lot of research has been targeted toward children with LADA.  I really liked the picture that was on this ADA website

I do agree with most of this article.  I think it was put together rather well.  I think that when Elizabeth is married and starts having children is when she will see the bigger difference with her blood sugars.  Thankfully, she is pumping and will have a head start to being able to take care of herself as an adult.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Curriculum Plans

This will be kind of I remember things without getting up to get them!

Jacob & Emily - Abeka Biology
All kids - Trail Guide to World Geography
Emily - Pre-Algebra that is actually a college workbook
Product DetailsJacob - Algebra I through Lifepacs
Jesse - Math 5 Abeka
Elizabeth - English 3 BJU
Elizabeth - Singapore Math...we are starting from the basics and moving quickly...
Jacob - American Literature through Lifepacs
Product DetailsJacob- 9th grade Language Arts through Lifepacs
oh yeah and we started our semester in March for the summer session. So no, we aren't finishing in 2 months time.

This is for the summer...don't ask too many questions about the fall.  They may change but this is the plan.

Jacob and Emily will finish the Biology then move to Chemistry after Christmas
All kids - Trail Guide to World Geography.
Emily - should be finishing up the Pre-Algebra by Christmas
Jacob - Geometry (looking at BJU)
Elizabeth - Science is the Explore and Learn series ( )  I really like this seriesExplore and Learn, 6 Volume Set: Earth and Space, Science and Technology, The Natural World, People In Place and Time, Me and My Body, Atlas of The World (1-6)
Elizabeth will probably start reading the Magic TreeHouse books for history.
Jesse - unit studies for history

I think that is about as far as I have gotten so far. ::yawn::

Reading Lists for all of the kids

I haven't decided what an appropriate amount of how many books they should read for the year.  Maybe I will just make a reward chart, with stickers and goals?? These are for a 3rd grader, 5th, 8th and 9th. I copied these from our that the call numbers are there already!  But I was also reading that if Elizabeth would read all of the Magic TreeHouse books that is all the history she would need for the year.  What do you think?

3rd grade

Listed by; Author, Title, Call Number
  • Ackerman, Karen; Song and Dance Man; E Ack (Caldecott)
  • Adler, David; Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones; JF Adl
  • Averill, Esther; Jenny and the Cat Club; JF Ave
  • Bemelmans, Ludwig; Madeline’s Rescue; E Bem (Caldecott)
  • Blume, Judy; Freckle Juice; JF Blu
  • Bonsall, Crosby; The Case of the Cat’s Meow; E Bon
  • Byars, Betsy; Trouble River; JF Bya
  • Cameron, Ann; The Stories Julian Tells; JF Cam
  • Cleary, Beverly; Ramona Quimby, Age 8; JF Cle
  • Cleary, Beverly; Henry Huggins; JF Cle
  • Coerr, Eleanor; The Josefina Story Quilt; E Coe
  • Coerr, Eleanor; Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes; J 362.1 Coe
  • Cole, Joanna; The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System; J 523 Col
  • Dahl, Roald; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; JF Dah
  • Dalgliesh, Alice; The Courage of Sarah Noble; JF Dal
  • Danziger, Paula; Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon; JF Dan
  • dePaola, Tomie; Strega Nona; E deP
  • Dillon, Barbara; The Teddy Bear Tree; JF Dil
  • Fleischman, Sid; The Whipping Boy; JF Fle (Newberry)
  • Flournoy, Valerie; The Patchwork Quilt; E Flo
  • Gardiner, John; Stone Fox; JF Gar
  • Haywood, Carolyn; Betsy and the Boys; JF Hay
  • Howe, Deborah; Bunnicula; JF How
  • Lindgren, Astrid; Pippi Longstocking; JF Lin
  • Lobel, Arnold; Ming Lo Moves the Mountain; E Lob
  • MacDonald, Betty; Mrs. Piggle Wiggle; JF Mac
  • MacLachlan, Patricia; Sarah Plain and Tall; JF Mac (Newberry)
  • McCloskey, Robert; Lentil; E McC
  • Miles, Miska; Annie and the Old One; JF Mil
  • Milne, A.A.; Winnie the Pooh; JF Mil
  • Monjo, F. N.; The Drinking Gourd; E Mon
  • O’Brien, Robert; Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh; JF O’Br (Newberry)
  • Osborne, Mary Pope; Magic Tree House (Series); JF Osb
  • Parish, Peggy; Amelia Bedelia; E Par
  • Polacco, Patricia; Mrs. Katz and Tush; E Pol
  • Prelutsky, Jack; The New Kid on the Block; Poems; J 811.54 Pre
  • Rockwell, Thomas; How to Eat Fried Worms; JF Roc
  • San Souci, Robert; The Talking Eggs; J 398.2 San
  • Scieszka, Jon; The True Story of the Three Little Pigs; E Sci
  • Selden, George; The Cricket in Times Square; JF Sel
  • Shreve, Susan; The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates; JF She
  • Silverstein, Shel; The Missing Piece; JF Sil
  • Sobol, Donald; Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective; JF Sob (series)
  • Steptoe, John; Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters; E Ste
  • Van Allsburg, Chris; The Polar Express; E Van (Caldecott)
  • Viorst, Judith; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; E Vio
  • Ward, Lynd; The Biggest Bear; E War (Caldecott)
  • Warner, Gertrude; The Boxcar Children; JF War (series)
  • Waters, Kate; Sarah Morton’s Day; J 974.4 Wat
  • White, E.B.; Stuart Little; JF Whi
  • White, E.B.; Charlotte’s Web; JF Whi
  • Wilder, Laura Ingalls; Little House In the Big Woods; JF Wil
  • Williams, Vera; A Chair for My Mother; E Wil
  • Zemach, Harve; Duffy and the Devil; J 398.2 Zem (Caldecott)

5th grade

Listed by: Author; Title; Call Number
  • Alexander, Lloyd;  The Wizard in the Tree; YF Ale
  • Armstrong, William;  Sounder; JF Arm (Newbery)
  • Avi;  The Fighting Ground; JF Avi
  • Babbitt, Natalie;  Tuck Everlasting; JF Bab
  • Banks, Lynne Reid;  The Indian in the Cupboard; JF Ban
  • Blos, Joan;  A Gathering of Days; JF Blo (Newbery)
  • Blume, Judy;  Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret; JF Blu
  • Blume, Judy;  Superfudge; JF Blu
  • Brink, Carol;  Caddie Woodlawn; JF Bri (Newbery)
  • Burnett, Frances;  The Secret Garden; JF Bur, YF Bur
  • Byars, Betsy;  Summer of the Swans; JF Bya (Newbery)
  • Carlson, Natalie;  The Family Under the Bridge; JF Car
  • Chavez, Cesar;  Cesar Chavez; J 921 Chavez
  • Cleary, Beverly;  Dear Mr. Henshaw; JF Cle (Newbery)
  • Cleary, Beverly;  Socks; JF Cle
  • Coerr, Eleanor;  Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes; J 362.1 Coe
  • Cooper, Susan;  Over Sea, Under Stone; JF Coo
  • Dahl, Roald;  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; JF Dah
  • Dahl, Roald;  James and the Giant Peach; JF Dah
  • DeClements, Barthe;  Nothing’s Fair in Fifth Grade; JF DeC
  • Enright, Elizabeth;  The Four-Story Mistake; JF Enr
  • Farley, Walter;  The Black Stallion; JF Far
  • Fitzgerald, John;  The Great Brain; JF Fit
  • Fleischman, Sid;  The Whipping Boy; JF Fle (Newbery)
  • Fox, Paula;  The Slave Dancer; JF Fox (Newbery)
  • Freedman, Russell;  Lincoln, A Photobiography; J 928 Lincoln (Newbery)
  • George, Jean Craighead;  Julie of the Wolves; JF Geo (Newbery)
  • George, Jean Craighead;  My Side of the Mountain; JF Geo
  • Gipson, Fred;  Old Yeller; JF Gip
  • Hamilton, Virginia;  The House of Dies Drear; JF Ham
  • Henry, Marguerite;  Misty of Chincoteague; JF Hen
  • Hunt, Irene;  Across Five Aprils; JF Hun
  • Lawson, Robert;  Ben and Me; JF Law
  • L’Engle, Madeline;  A Wrinkle In Time; JF L’En (Newbery)
  • Levitin, Sonia;  Journey to America; YF Lev
  • Lewis, C.S.;  The Chronicles of Narnia (Series); JF Lew
  • Lowry, Lois;  Number the Stars; JF Low (Newbery)
  • Lowry, Lois;  The Giver: JF Low (Newbery)
  • McCloskey, Robert;  Homer Price; JF McC
  • Naylor, Phyllis;  Shiloh; JF Nay (Newbery)
  • North, Sterling;  Rascal; J 928 North
  • Norton, Mary;  The Borrowers; JF Nor
  • O’Brien, Robert;  Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh; JF O’Br (Newbery)
  • O’Dell, Scott;  Island of the Blue Dolphins; JF O’De, YF O’De (Newbery)
  • Paterson, Katherine;  Bridge to Terabithia; JF Pat (Newbery)
  • Paterson, Katherine;  Come Sing Jimmy Jo; JF Pat
  • Paulsen, Gary;  Hatchet; JF Pau
  • Rawls, Wilson;  Where the Red Fern Grows; JF Raw, YF Raw
  • Rockwell, Thomas;  How to Eat Fried Worms; JF Roc
  • Rodgers, Mary;  Freaky Friday; JF Rod
  • Salten, Felix;  Bambi; JF Sal
  • Selden, George;  The Cricket in Times Square; JF Sel
  • Snyder, Zilpha;  The Headless Cupid; JF Sny
  • Sorensen, Virginia;  Miracles on Maple Hill; JF Sor
  • Speare, Elizabeth;  The Sign of the Beaver; JF Spe
  • Speare, Elizabeth;  The Witch of Blackbird Pond; JF Spe (Newbery)
  • Sperry, Armstrong;  Call It Courage; JF Spe (Newbery)
  • Spyri, Johanna;  Heidi; JF Spy
  • Stevenson, Robert L.;  Treasure Island; JF Ste
  • Taylor, Mildred;  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; JF Tay (Newbery)
  • White, E.B.;  Stuart Little; JF Whi

8th & 9th grade list:

Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream
Anna of Byzantium
The Auslander
The Blue Sword
The Boneshaker
Can I See Your I. D.?: True Stories of False Identities (found this page online for discussion questions!)
Chains: Seeds of America
The Chronicles of Harris Burdick: Fourteen Amazing Authors Tell the Tales
Cuba 15
The Face on the Milk Carton
Fairy Bad Day
Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth
The Grimm Legacy
Happy Kid!
Hope Was Here
The Hunchback Assignments
I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree
Keeping Corner
The Kite Rider
A Long Walk to Water
The Longitude Prize
The Lottery Rose
The Loud Silence of Francine Green
Lucy Long Ago: Uncovering the Mystery of Where We Came From
My Name Is Not Easy
North Star to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad
Onward: A Photobiography of African-American Polar Explorer Matthew Henson
Race: A History Beyond Black and White
Red Moon at Sharpsburg
The Sword That Cut the Burning Grass
The Tequila Worm
Under the Baseball Moon
Written In Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland

OneHomeschoolMom's favorites list

Its no secret that I really like rag quilts.  They look very unique and seems easy to accomplish!  But I have many different "likes".  I thought I would share some of these things and the websites.

DeereCountry Quilts
Alabama Bow
Buckners Bowtique
Steampunk Ladybug Necklace Polymer Clay Jewelry
Small Mackenzie Girls' Backpacks
How To Do Red Nail Art Designs
InfoKorner - Nail Art

RK Portfolio Cross Stitch

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Beka Biology...

Yes, I do believe I like the A Beka version of biology better for Emily.  I would almost consider the Apologia Biology more of an Honors course.  Just my opinion though.  I will be creating lesson plans based on the A Beka biology book.  There won't be any testing or quizzes.  I believe in a mastery based learning with a lot of hands on work.  This may not be the way you school...but this is how we do it.  I find it hard to grade learning.  You either "get" it or you don't?  Practice makes perfect, right??

Here we go!!!

eta: why make stuff that is already there?  I started making the kids some flashcards but there are a ton out there on Quizlet.   Tons of stuff on there!

Also, found a great comparison between the A Beka version and the Apologia for the Biology.  HomeSchoolReviews .  I agree with a lot on here.  As it is true that the A Beka has WAY more anatomy than Apologia.  And anatomy is second nature to me and for me to teach.  We are going to start at Chapter 3 with plant reproduction.  From being a science major in college I will take things in sections of importance.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wow! The whole night?

Yes, I am still up!  Emily and I decided we really didn't like our iPhones so we switched our phones to our older ones that we loved and traded them back to BestBuy.  Best Buy offered us a $700 trade in card.  What great timing though as my laptop just blew up!  I barely made it on there to transfer all my pictures, videos and documents!  Such a gave me 3 good years!  Decided to go with an hp laptop this time.  Not as big which I was grateful for so that I could find a proper case to carry the laptop in and not have it exposed all the time.  Not only do I have the case but I am going to make a quilted sleeve for extra protection!  We were able to add in another Roku box and a few other fun things for the kids.  We left and went to McKay's to trade in some books and were able to buy a TI-84 calculator for the older two kids.  I recognized yesterday when we were working on algebra that this was becoming a necessity!  May need to do a search on the cute calculator skins that you can pop in and out of the top! :) LOL!! While there we also found another biology book.  Emily didn't like sharing a book with Jacob.  Made it too hard for them to study.  I did find the aBeka Biology set too.  I have yet to have looked through the book. I am sure I will tonight before I go to bed though!  I could have bought about 10 more books but didn't :(
The desk is starting to clutter up again...tomorrow may be the day to tackle that project as well as some leftover laundry.  I have a few things I would like to bake tomorrow.  Yes, it may be an organizational/cleaning day tomorrow.  As much as I would like to head up to our favorite junk store I am afraid if we did I would come home with another set of china that I found last week :(  3 sets of china isn't too much, is it??  Its just so beautiful!