Friday, June 15, 2012

Wow! The whole night?

Yes, I am still up!  Emily and I decided we really didn't like our iPhones so we switched our phones to our older ones that we loved and traded them back to BestBuy.  Best Buy offered us a $700 trade in card.  What great timing though as my laptop just blew up!  I barely made it on there to transfer all my pictures, videos and documents!  Such a gave me 3 good years!  Decided to go with an hp laptop this time.  Not as big which I was grateful for so that I could find a proper case to carry the laptop in and not have it exposed all the time.  Not only do I have the case but I am going to make a quilted sleeve for extra protection!  We were able to add in another Roku box and a few other fun things for the kids.  We left and went to McKay's to trade in some books and were able to buy a TI-84 calculator for the older two kids.  I recognized yesterday when we were working on algebra that this was becoming a necessity!  May need to do a search on the cute calculator skins that you can pop in and out of the top! :) LOL!! While there we also found another biology book.  Emily didn't like sharing a book with Jacob.  Made it too hard for them to study.  I did find the aBeka Biology set too.  I have yet to have looked through the book. I am sure I will tonight before I go to bed though!  I could have bought about 10 more books but didn't :(
The desk is starting to clutter up again...tomorrow may be the day to tackle that project as well as some leftover laundry.  I have a few things I would like to bake tomorrow.  Yes, it may be an organizational/cleaning day tomorrow.  As much as I would like to head up to our favorite junk store I am afraid if we did I would come home with another set of china that I found last week :(  3 sets of china isn't too much, is it??  Its just so beautiful!

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