Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anatomy and long days...with extra plus points!

So today I received some fabulous news about labwork that was taken yesterday.  I totally blew away my A1c and rocked it MY style...I can call it MY style because I haven't seen a good number like this for about 12 years!  At least!!  My healthcare provider has worked her butt off for me and our kids.  She is there for us every step of the way!!  She is up at night when we need her and often throughout the whole night!  So mucho gracias!!  Excited to see if I can keep up the good work!
When I went through high school I had a hard time keeping things straight and had a mentor type person that was there for me through thick and thin.  I have asked someone to do the same thing for me and the kids while on our homeschool journey.  I want to add an extra "accountability".  So I think I am accountable by about 5 layers now!  I'm covered!  She shares the same high educational values as I do and have a great respect for the medical field.  I was pre-med with a 4.0 and probably would have been a dr by now but God had a different plan for me....4 children.  I think I would be a 50 year old med student if I could!  Or a career student.  Science is my forte.  I love science.  I love how it works and sometimes doesn't work.  I like the change that it can bring and the spontaneous reactions that occur.  I want our children to have a very strong science background.  She gave me some books to help out with this and one of them is the Anatomy Coloring Book.  I am considering writing a curriculum around this book!   Another book is a color atlas of human anatomy with cadaver photographs!  Friday my plan is to drive down to McKay Books to look for other resources I can use.

Its already been a long day that seems to have connected itself from yesterday  with only 4 hours of sleep.  We have been on the run all day, groceries are in the house and now it is time to make dinner. of those things that kids demand to have at a particular time of the day.  Yep, I have to be a responsible adult sometimes!

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