Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not my 101 but her 101...but my LADA

Diabetes 101  I don't agree with the notion that exercise is the ONLY option. Yes, I think there are definite benefits to your mental health and possibly with compliance.  But others for example have issues with their kidneys (no big surprise there when it comes to diabetes) and with exercise could come adrenaline spikes.  You can get these even if you just get excited or stressed out.  And the type of diabetes you are is very important too.  Since 3 of our kids have diabetes and myself I think that we all have our differences.  I consider myself to having Type 1.5 while Emily and Jesse have the Type 1.  Looking at the way Elizabeth responds to different insulin regimens I would almost bet that she is a Type 1.5 just like me.  But according to the chart on this other website it says the onset is as an adult.  I am not sure a lot of research has been targeted toward children with LADA.  I really liked the picture that was on this ADA website

I do agree with most of this article.  I think it was put together rather well.  I think that when Elizabeth is married and starts having children is when she will see the bigger difference with her blood sugars.  Thankfully, she is pumping and will have a head start to being able to take care of herself as an adult.