Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Cake Batter Rice Krispies

I admit...I tweaked the recipe a little.  I did add more buttah.  And I put 4 cut strawberries in the food processor and added it to the mixture.  The first picture shows the mixing process after the butter, marshmallow and cake mix was added to the cereal.  It broke my rubber spatula!!  I have never been an expert into making rice krispie treats...I mean the first time I made them years ago I messed up! How pathetic is that??  After seeing this recipe I was really excited to try it!  Sprayed the cookie sheet and packed the treats level and refrigerated for 3 hours.  My sister was here when the kids were talking about having some.  Told her to wait a few minutes and I would send some home with her for the kids.  I couldn't find my clear treat!  So we just put them on sticks.  But I wanted to save a few for when I go see the doc tomorrow so we fit 2 hearts in a snack size bag.  So two bags are ready to go tomorrow.  The bad part of making this was that when you are cutting the hearts out you are left with "scraps".  So Dawn and I were snacking on the scraps while I cut them out.  Mmmmm...I highly recommend this way of making rice krispie treats!  I was skeptical but pleasingly happy with the taste!!  Enjoy!

My project! Not for me though...for my best friend! 2 1/2 years worth stitching! I know I am slow...I would never be able to use my stitching for a business. And that is fine by me. I would rather make something and see the recipient's reaction to their gift.  This was a long time ago!!!  I am on bottle bones now!  Exacted to finish!!

 I am trying to find a bird picture to do next. My husband has a lot of Audubon birds on our bedroom wall. He loves squirrels and birds too. How about 1/2 bird 1/2 girl?  Hmmm...

Here would be my wish list for 2012:

1. Dog Bone Wisdom
2. Months of the Year Sampler in my 365 Tiny Cross Stitch Designs book!
3. Garden Sampler -