Tuesday, September 25, 2012

our own -ism's

Genesis, Exoiticus, Deuteronemetry (Too much geometry on the brain?)...ok just stop right there.  I can't make this stuff up.  This coming from our 12 year old who we are teaching the books of the Bible to.

We were leaving the mall area Friday night after Jesse and Elizabeth saw Nemo together.  Jesse tells me, "In a few years I will be mowing lawns and taking Elizabeth to the movies".  Me, "on your lawnmower". Jesse quickly without thinking says, "yes"..."I mean NO!"  I wouldn't take her on a lawnmower...I need lots of Kubotas.  (Thanks to our Texas trip this is the latest and greatest thing to him)

While driving one day a few years ago Judge asks the kids what chemical change occurs in a toilet.  The kids all yell out answers.  Pee!   Poop!  Color! And Jesse yells, "FLAVOR"!!  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Its the littlest, tiniest things that matter

It is the smallest things in life that make a difference.  For me anything homeschool or diabetes related make my world spin a little smoother.  Having 4 happy, energetic and easily entertained kids help out tremendously too!
We now have a ginormous whiteboard in the study and it was fun putting Jesse and Elizabeth's spelling words on the board Friday.  So much fun I guess that Jacob and Emily felt a little left out and asked  for spelling words too! That's right...they asked for them!  Not sure if they will like the ones I came up with but maybe they will learn the age old "be careful what you wish for" saying.

We had a great weekend playing at the park, walking a ton, fishing, watching the kids goof off at the river, ice cream blizzards, falling asleep to the sounds of rain outside!  A fun filled couple of days that we hope to keep going this week and with a little math thrown in too!

Today is site change day for the kids and we will see how their numbers are doing and whether we can wait until this afternoon to do the changes.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prayer Lists (yea or nay?)

When I was a kid I would make THE longest prayer list that I could make.  I did this not out of annoying the Sunday School teacher but only because I was fascinated to see if they would actually pray for these people. And they did!  What I didn't do was keep up with how many had answered prayers.

I would to make a private list and a public list.  Private only for my eyes only to prayer to God and a public list to share with my family and be able to show how God answers prayers.  Sometimes we don't get something put right in front of us to show our children how faith works...we just tell them if you believe then its true.  To kids this is a hard concept to understand and believe in something they cannot see.

This maybe a new venture for us but God is the one who woke me up at 12:30am for a blog this and to share with others!  I talked about Prayer in a previous post Here  We actually made those cute popsicle stick prayer pails.  They really ended up being a mess most of the time but it taught the kids about the first part of praying.  Taking time out of your schedule to give your heart of prayer to God.  Now I would like to teach them the power of praying and show them that God does answer his own time of course.  But time is a very un-measured part of God.  Expect to be Blessed.
On this wonderful website she tells in detail how to make a prayer pail.

1. If you would like to share a prayer request with us that you don't mind sharing please do.
2. We promise to pray for you each day.
3 Please follow up with us if your prayer needs have changed as in worsened or changed as in a blessing/resolved.

Thank you!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week of 9/10/ with 4 learners!

Excuse my ramblings but I am going to place some plans place for them!  Lots of links to share!
Will add to this page throughout the week for all the kids
5th Grade:
Story of the World vol. 1 (SOTW)

Netflix for this week:  Walking with Beasts

Spelling Words: 

Week 1

Monday - Writing words 3 times each
Tuesday - Writing words in alphabetical order
Wednesday - Paint your spelling words with water on front porch
Thursday - Write spelling words on 2 index cards and play memory game with the words.
Friday - Spelling Quiz


Review packet from Friday

5th grade math links

Large number addition & subtraction


Mapping Mesopotamia pg 4 of SOTW 1 Activity Book
Coloring Sheet pg 5 of SOTW 1 Activity Book

Apologia Science: Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology

Skeleton Dance Song
Muscles and Bones  Activity 3
Learning the bones of the arms

Phalanges (little dangly things)
Will also teach the scapula and clavicle since they are easily identifiable too.

Other ideas I found:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is it Fall yet?

We have had a long end of summer.  I am ready for fall and all its colors, smells and cooler temperatures.  I am ready to wear my hoodies again, turn off the A/C in the house and van, see less bugs and take more bike rides.  Goodbye high humidity and scorching hot temperatures!  I have always said that I would rather be cold and add more layers than to be hot and not be able to take everything off!  

At the end of August we had to start testing Jacob's blood sugars for about 3 days to rule out the beginnings of diabetes.  His A1c was a little more elevated than our endocrinologist would like to see especially for our kids.  Jesse was diagnosed with a lower A1c than what Jacob's was in August.  But he is doing fine, blood sugars and fastings were great!!  

Judge had a biopsy on a bump he has below his eyelid and the pathology report came back that it was cancer.  After waiting for an appointment to see the plastic surgeon the day was finally here.  We discussed a plan of action and what the process would be like and he found another bump even closer to his eyelid.  Nice... Two days later the surgeon called us back and said that he wasn't comfortable doing his treatment and was referring him to an orbital surgeon in Nashville.  So tomorrow is the day for that appointment.

I have felt an urge and a need to get on more of a schedule this week.  I need to see something on paper and not have to rely on my brain to tell me what we are doing today.  Too many dr. appointments, music classes, music lessons and writing classes to keep up with our normal lessons, chores and LIFE!  We have to live, right?

This morning I took the time to download the SOS Spanish class for the older three.  While doing that I thought well, when are they going to do this??  I can't have them fighting over the computer and saying "Its my turn!".

I spent about an hour and developed an incremental time schedule with an appropriate subject to where I would be available to help if needed and staggered their computer time for Spanish, chores, lunch and all the other things that require my taxi service.  

While I am being a taxi service we also have to remember we need to EAT dinner!!  What better way to come home but to have dinner already made for you?  I found this website last night and have already combed through it and tweaked a couple to our liking.  Looking forward to getting the last couple of ingredients to make dinner for tonight! Crockin' Girls
Crockin' Girls