Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Beka Biology...

Yes, I do believe I like the A Beka version of biology better for Emily.  I would almost consider the Apologia Biology more of an Honors course.  Just my opinion though.  I will be creating lesson plans based on the A Beka biology book.  There won't be any testing or quizzes.  I believe in a mastery based learning with a lot of hands on work.  This may not be the way you school...but this is how we do it.  I find it hard to grade learning.  You either "get" it or you don't?  Practice makes perfect, right??

Here we go!!!

eta: why make stuff that is already there?  I started making the kids some flashcards but there are a ton out there on Quizlet.   Tons of stuff on there!

Also, found a great comparison between the A Beka version and the Apologia for the Biology.  HomeSchoolReviews .  I agree with a lot on here.  As it is true that the A Beka has WAY more anatomy than Apologia.  And anatomy is second nature to me and for me to teach.  We are going to start at Chapter 3 with plant reproduction.  From being a science major in college I will take things in sections of importance.