Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How did your day go?

Ours was semi-productive I suppose.  Despite a dragging morning, a lost science book and a couple of hours at the dr. office...we did get Jacob's hair cut today!   My cable box keeps switching on and off.  Hopefully this will correct itself overnight and its a good thing I am tired and don't care to watch tv anyhow.  Somehow over the holidays we have lost our science book.  I have the TE but I need the science book for Emily's assignments!
Debiotech Jewel PumpWhile waiting on blood sugars to be announced I did a quick research on some new pumps that are coming out in 2012.  I found the t:slim and the jewel pumps to be of interest to me.  I think I am looking forward to a good change besides the same 3-5 buttons that I have been pushing since 1999.  I am ready for new technology to keep my interest and the new flair with colors!  And I thought my inset were great!