Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's HOT out there!!

I was going to come on and complain about the heat but then I got to thinking.  I am sitting inside with central air, a glass of diet mtn. dew on the table next to me, an LMN movie on the tube, my cookie monster flannel jammie pants still on and I am surfing through blogs and "meeting" new people.  I am this will not be a complaining post! :)

I found a community of bloggers...check out the shiny new button on the right for SITS.  Its shiny so try and rub it gently! Of course, I have to spend a considerable amount of time learning the ropes of this new website (new to me).

My first blog I visited was that of a fellow homeschooler!  She has some really cool ideas!!  Definitely going to be making solar cookies this week with the kids!  Might as well make a positive memory in this high heat week!  The materials needed seem minimal:

  • cookie dough (the most important part!)
  • a cardboard box with a lid (a shoebox, shipping box, etc.)
  • aluminum foil
  • plastic wrap
  • strong tape (shipping tape, duct tape, etc.)
  • scissors
  • a separate piece of cardboard (such as the side to a cereal box)
Head over to No Doubt Learning and learn how to bake cookies in a shoebox this week!