Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rosetta Stone Giveaway - French 1

As it so happens, Jacob said he wanted to learn French for his high school credits.  We just went over his 4 year high school plan later this week.  I told him that would be a  good choice as that was the language I learned in high school as least there will be some familiarity., no!  I can read it and figure things out though! That does count, right?  Same goes for Spanish.  The Rosetta Stone would be a great addition to our homeschool for many years.  That is if all 4 kids decide that is what they want to learn!

And you can also give her a shout out at her homeschool blog:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How did your day go?

Ours was semi-productive I suppose.  Despite a dragging morning, a lost science book and a couple of hours at the dr. office...we did get Jacob's hair cut today!   My cable box keeps switching on and off.  Hopefully this will correct itself overnight and its a good thing I am tired and don't care to watch tv anyhow.  Somehow over the holidays we have lost our science book.  I have the TE but I need the science book for Emily's assignments!
Debiotech Jewel PumpWhile waiting on blood sugars to be announced I did a quick research on some new pumps that are coming out in 2012.  I found the t:slim and the jewel pumps to be of interest to me.  I think I am looking forward to a good change besides the same 3-5 buttons that I have been pushing since 1999.  I am ready for new technology to keep my interest and the new flair with colors!  And I thought my inset were great!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

A year from now...

A year from now...
     I promise to still be here
A year from now...
     Some of the same challenges will still be here
A year from now...
     I hope that better organization will still be here

Its not January 1st or the night before when everyone is cramming to figure out what resolutions to make at the stroke of midnight.  I found those words to be a far stretch of what was actually reachable.  I would like to start slow and keep mindful of everything I do.  Pinterest has been a huge inspiration this year...sometimes I wonder how we lived without such blatant creativeness.

Looking for a little Valentine's Day activity?  How about teaching this Bible verse to your children.  I believe it was the first one I EVER learned as a child!

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