Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Working Mom...

Last night I was laying in bed and started complaining about Tennis.  Such a petty thing.  But to me at that time it wasn't petty.  I endure 6 months of Formula 1 racing and a full month (each day) of Tour de France in July.  I don't mind football at all.  But now I have to listen to women playing tennis and screeching everytime they hit the ball?  I played tennis in high school and I don't remember any of us doing that.  But do we have to watch tennis everynight and I wake up in the middle of the night and what is on?  Tennis!

Remember those canisters that you can open that look like a can of tennis balls and when you opened it all the big worms came flying out and everyone starts laughing.  Yeah...that's what it felt like last night...except neither of us were laughing.

Let's get a few things straight...

1.  I am a mom of 4 kids

2.  I homeschool all 4 kids

3.  3 of the kids (and myself) have T1 diabetes

4.  I do the majority of the cooking and all the meal planning

5.  I do the majority of the housework (or delegate...this is a great tool!)

6.  I do all the grocery shopping

7. I do all the bills

And now I am working 40 hours a week (but here at home..which is a perk of the job).  I am sure I could have made a longer list.

But I am having a supermom moment that I feel that I need to be.  And be able to do it all.  I don't know if its a control factor or what it is.   I have about 2 hours in the morning that I have to get all my stuff done before starting training.  My normal hours will be from 4:30 to 1am...I am a night owl so this doesn't bother me.

I really think this is my can of worms time until things normalize a bit more!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Abeka Biology 2 and Chemistry then back to Apologia

I think we are going to continue on with the Abeka Chemistry.  But will do a more in depth study of Biology for a Biology 2 credit first.  Then their last year of high school we will switch to Apologia and study the Marine Biology.  I think this course will be very unique for them and will set them apart from other high schoolers competing for a spot in college.
Jacob doesn't seem to be enjoying the A&P portion of the biology like Emily does.  He is wanting to study the animal and cell aspects instead.  They may be studying different things for their Biology 2 class.  I think the kids should have some kind of voice into what they want to learn within practical parameters of course!  They will probably complete the Biology 2 over the summer this get into the Chemistry next year.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Etsy Round Up for tonight.

I have done a Pinterest round up before and I thought of doing another one tonight but instead decided to do an Etsy round up!  I don't post things that I know who made them nor am I earning any money to promote these items.  I just pick things that I think are random and cute!

On to the first thing...

Medi Pouch looks really neat!  Right now I have a ton of things that I carry in my purse and I have them stuffed in a generic resealable baggie...this would be cute!
XL Medi - Pouch Clear Travel Organizer for Medications Inhaler EpiPens Diabetes Testing First Aid Diapers (7x9 Aqua Owls Fabric)

I have really enjoyed learning the cello this past year and thought this bass clef pendant was so cute!
Bass Clef Pendant Necklace - Silver Music Jewelry- Keepsake for Musicians- unisex, men

I married into a family of Alabama fans.  I will root for Alabama as long as they aren't playing Auburn.  Being the Roll Tide fanatic my father-in-law is...he would like something like this:
Alabama Crimson Tide Birdhouse....ROLL TIDE

Whoo this Audubon China is expensive!  I laugh at my husband because he has framed a lot of Audubon prints for our bedroom.  I tell him I am the only one that has a bird bedroom.
Audubon china set of 20 pieces

We just received an RV as a Christmas present this past year and we have spent time doing daycations so far and packing it for when we do get to do a trip.

I may have to try this!  I like themed items and this would be like us having our own bulletin board to decorate for each month!  Like an art project that everyone contributes to for the following month! Meeting Board
March Home School Morning Meeting Board

Those that know me well enough know that I like collecting unique erasers!  I could buy a ton here on etsy!  The kids have always teased me for getting erasers and we have a bin full but I will find them entertained by these erasers for hours!
Miniature Food Eraser Set 2 lot dessert cake sweets 4pcs

Most of us here love Sushi!  This was a very fitting pick!
Dolls House Miniature Food Japanese Sushi Tea Set On Ceramic Plates Type H Supply Deco - 6342

One of my favorite hobbies is to cross stitch!  It is so is crocheting.  This is my favortie cross stitch designer too...Paula Vaughn

And for my last entry for the night.  A cause that is very near and dear to our family's heart...Tour de Cure.  Pedaling to a cure for diabetes!  Cycling is definately a passion of ours.
The Essence of Cycling - Without Frame

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Memories are still full of emotion

Yesterday afternoon we spent helping Judge's dad and sister move into a new house.  Mostly unpacking boxes, figuring out where to put things in cabinets, matching up sets, pantry items and so forth...

This was the first time I had been in the new house.  I had looked at it online and knew the basic layout and what the outside looked like.  I have known no other house except the house they lived in for 20 years.  Judge and I have been married for 18 years this November.

A lot of changes occured in the house with both of Judge's nieces growing up, married (one even had her wedding in the backyard), they both have the most beautiful children.  Then grandmother (my mother in law) passed away 2 years ago this coming week.  Each day she was taken care of tenderly by grandaddy, Judge's sister and Judge.  Judge was able to spend evenings with her.  Talked to her and held her hand every night.  Kissed his mom goodnight before coming home.  Judge's sister spent countless hours taking care of her mom before and after work.  Judge's dad stopped playing golf each day and stayed home to be close at all times.  A lot of emotions were shared with Judge's family during grandmothers struggle with Alzheimers.  This picture was one of the last ones that I took of her and it was the fall before her passing.  She and I would sit in the chairs and cross stitch all day (before I had children).  I remember a time when all the guys were replacing their roof and we just sat and stitched and then made sure they had plenty to drink and lunch was served.  We enjoyed driving to Nashville just to take the kids to the mall and do a little shopping.  And we also found the stitching stores!  She enjoyed stitching the stamped cross stitch projects later on.  Crossword puzzles and even liked to color!  I remember Judge's sister bringing home things to be cut or colored from her classroom and that is what she did.  She took me to her woman's club and introduced me to all of her friends after we picked 2 of them up because they couldn't drive themselves.  She taught me a lot about table settings and the formal upbringing she had.

There are still things I don't know and never have been taught.  Today when we were setting the table for family dinner I watched Judge's sister pick out a table cloth.  They were organized and labeled by how many people can be seated at the table.  I would have never thought of that, nor do I know how to buy a table cloth.  We are still in kid stage here where they make messes and a table cloth may not be practical for us now but eventually it will be and I want to know these things.  I want to know how to use this knowledge to pass on to my children.

Their dog stayed by her side and even learned how to back up to her chair so that she could be picked up.  Or if grandmother was in the bed, Lily would lay next to her or at the foot of the bed.  Animals definitely can sense things.

Back to the new house...
I didn't see the movers move things out of the old house and take them to the new house.  We arrived after the packers delivered all of the boxes.  So, as I said, my first time in the house and I am wandering around.  I see the office, Judge's sisters room, her (girl) bathroom, kitchen, bonus room, garage, sunroom and then I get to grandaddy's room and I lost my head.  I looked at their bed and was consumed with an overwhelming feeling of grief.  I wasn't able to see his bathroom or closet...I just had to walk out.  Cry a bit on my own. Thought I had it all out until I sat down next to grandaddy and he asked me if I was ok.  Oh the fountains were gushing then.  No I wasn't ok, because grandmother is missing.  Just looking around you see grandmother's stitching, linens, coats, same pink towels, bed emotion seemed like piddles when Judge's sister shared about how it felt to drive away. More fountains...

We returned to the new house today to help with some more things but most importantly to gather as a family for "Family Dinner". We had a proper tablecloth, placemats with plastic cutlery and plastic plates! LOL  Kids played outside on skateboards, scooters, replace basket ball  goal and played iwth chalk.

Today was a good day.  The weekend was exhausting! :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This week in the Jones household...

Found some beautiful flowers today during a quick shopping trip to Kroger.  I was able to use a whole bouquet and split them up into 3 vases!  And they were on clearance! Even better!

I am so ready for spring to get here!  Judge and the boys cut down to privet hedges in the front of the house.  They do it every few years so they will grow bigger and thicker.  I cry everytime they do it and this time wasn't any different.

Spent the morning defrag'ing the desktop computer.  Still working on it but I have to figure out why it is so slow!  I installed a new security software that is given to us through our Cable provider.  I have it on the laptop too.  I think the most frustrating is the wireless mouse as it takes forever to get the cursor to move.  On the list: buy a corded mouse. :)

After getting some morning things done and then grocery shopping we headed over to Judge's dad and sisters house to help them unpack some boxes.  We just got home a short time ago.  Great for bringing a stubborn set of blood sugars down.  Plus, I scored by being able to hold my great nephew and rock him to sleep.  I miss my babies so much, they grew up so fast!

Impossibly Easy Mini Chicken Pot PiesTomorrow will be our Sunday to cook for Family Dinner.  We take turns and make the neatest things.  Sometimes we have a taco bar, buffalo chicken soup, a meat and three or just sandwiches.  It's always fun to see what's for dinner on Sundays!  So tomorrow it is up to us...this is what I am thinking...Chicken pot pies made in muffin pans. HERE is the recipe.  Looks impossibly simple!  Now to figure out what to serve with them!  Thinking maybe some mashed potatoes and possibly a french bread??  Emily said she wants to make brownies for tomorrow's get together.

On Monday we are playing catch up a little as our Friday was super packed.  We are making a cell using jell-o.  This is a picture I found online from bing.  I tried to find the original poster.  But this is basically how it will be set up for them.  And we will discuss the shapes, sizes, names and functions of each part that they place in the cell (jell-o).

I am sure they will all enjoy eating everything.  But I will have to watch out for the red stuff as Emily is allergic to red dye and her blood sugars would totally be whacked out!

Next on our list this week...will be to start our resurrection garden.  Thank you to the We Are That Family blog that gave great step by step instructions!  Thinking we will make one for our house and one for Grand daddy's house too!  Since we will have Easter Sunday over there this year!  I would like to make a short unit study on the resurrection of Christ and having this visual will help reinforce the story being told.

As I stated in the blog entry a few days ago...our piping is getting fixed this week.  The 1-800 dig people came out Friday and cleared us for telephone and cable.  Now we have to get cleared from Water and Electricity.  Permit will be pulled this week and hoping everything will be finished before Friday!

If time allows us to, I would like to get a head start on our Easter eggs and be able to use them as decoration this year and not a rotting, smelly egg.  We will be making our eggs with string and candy.  Thanks to Little Birdie Design for the tutorial!

Other ideas to make:

even throughout all of our frustrations and trials we are facing this week due to medical/surgical complications we still have our eyes toward the sunrise and again at the sunset...praying for another day.  We live each day in our lifestyle the best way we know how!

Spread the awareness!  Spread Jesse's fundraising link.  He is getting closer to his $2,000 goal.  Currently he is the #2 fundraiser and our team is #1 in the friends/family category for the Tour de Cure.  He is so excited to be riding this year in the Tour!  New location, new routes, new jerseys, new socks and a new bike!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My piping is messed up!

You can take this in many ways I am sure.  Yes, it is messed up when your little girl because a teenager and messes up your piping.  But I am talking about plumbing this time.
Emily and I were getting ready for a doctor appointment and there was a jacuzzi party going on in the toilet bowl.  While I would have rather been invited to a real jacuzzi party this one was not wanted.  I don't know much about toilets and couldn't tell you where the plunger is either.  I usually call someone.  So of course I flush the (clean) toilet and it overflows everywhere...there's a washer load of towels!  As if I didn't remember that history repeats itself...I walk to the other bathroom. You guessed it already I am sure, I flushed it!  Second load of towels!
Tried to call the hubby, he is either out of range, in a meeting or on the phone.  No luck there.  So I did the most logical other thing to do, call gas & water dept.  Then I had to make a decision whether now I had to take Elizabeth with us to Nashville for Emily's appointment.  I thought, the boys can go to the bathroom outside, but girls can't.  So Elizabeth was on her way with us.
The boys called later and said the toilets were working now.  I get home to find a bunch of big trucks leaving the area from that department.  The next morning they tell me a bunch of garble that I can't process and really didn't want that clouding up in my brain.  I retell what I could to hubby.
A few days later, the codes dept shows up.  Good friend of ours.  But still he had to make his appearance and let me know what I needed to do.  So I have been on phones to get bids from plumbers I don't know, don't know if they are honest, don't know if they are looking for a fast buck for a half done job in my yard.
A plumber friend of ours came over to take a look just a bit ago who's cousin may be doing the work.  We have another plumbing company coming tomorrow to give us a bid.  But what has to happen is they have to dig 40-50 feet from our clean out to some tall white pvc thingy with a cap on it by the curb and attach it to the main sewer the mean time gas and water has really messed up our curbing.  We were advised to take pictures.  Done!
Now I guess we wait and see what the estimate will be.  We told him to try and be as conservative as you can considering that things are tight here with Emily having 2 back surgeries this year already and now a major infection and multiple trips to Nashville.  And starting tonight trips to Cumberland City nightly for packing changes.  Gas prices need to drop significantly! Fast!

Nice lovely mess they made in my yard without even letting me know they were going to do it!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It comes naturally...

Everything in our lives comes naturally.  Not talking about organic stuff...just life in general.

I don't feel that we create any of the chaos that may be a part of our comes naturally.

Emily's 2 back surgeries this year...comes naturally.

Emily's infection on her incision....comes naturally.

Judge's germs...comes naturally.

Elizabeth's germs...comes naturally.

Jesse's germs....comes naturally.

Jesse's mrsa and cellulitis...comes naturally.

My anxiety...comes naturally.

A wedge in our day that diverts all plans....comes naturally

Its how we deal with these things that counts.  Emily's surgeries are we just deal with the infection with antibiotics and consistent wound care.  I am a mom...this comes naturally.

Everyone had germs in the past month.  I took care of each one of them with the proper tylenols, motrins, cough medicine, inhalers.  I am a mom...this comes naturally.

Jesse's mrsa and cellulitis, took him to see doc...she got his meds and we are moms...this comes naturally.

Homeschooling all 4 of my children...comes naturally.

My anxiety, I try and figure out the triggers and try and keep them at bay...this isn't coming very naturally. Because I am still working on everyone else that I haven't figured out how to work on myself yet.
I can take care of 3 kids with Type 1 diabetes but leave myself at the curb.  Luckily my diabetes, up until this weekend, hasn't been very picky and pretty easy to handle.  I am trying to make this come naturally.  I have to be the role model for my children and I am learning to make this as nurturing and natural as possible.  I don't let them see my faults, screw ups or mental manipulations.
My children are my is my husband.  Christ entrusted me with his children for a short amount of time and now it is up to me to teach them trust in Him which should come as naturally.  I shelter them from the short comings , screw ups and mental manipulations of other people too...this comes naturally to me.

When my 13yo has a conversation with me about what rehab is and I have to differentiate the difference between physical rehab (strokes, cardiac, broken legs) and alcohol rehab, I know she has been kept safe.  She asks the question and I answer it in a factual way.  I can give her anectdotes of stories that I remember seeing certain things at her age.  She didn't know that kids her age are drinking, smoking and popping pills.  She sounded surprised.  Last night when we are in the ER and the doctor is worried about her having a pulmonary embolism asks if she is taking birth control.  Emily's head almost did a 1-80 turn and said "I am 13!!"  Doctor explained that 13 year olds take birth control for reasons other than preventing pregnancy but also to help regulate their monthly cycles.
Having conversations like these come naturally...having them not experience them firsthand I hope will come naturally...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's activities

I found a math helper for Elizabeth the other day on Pinterest 
Not because she is having a hard time with this concept but more because she likes this concept and I thought it would be fun for to do!
Emily is trying to play catch up from the time she was off from back surgery on the 19th.  Biology is one that I need her caught up on quickly so that she and Jacob are at the same place in the book.  That way the projects can be done together!
Right now the 3 older kids are working on IEW until noon (our new lunch time).
Meet our new 10 week old guinea pig "PipSqueak"!!
This is what I am calling my creation station for the day.  Blog open with other tabs opened to create the math helper.  My blood sugar meter nearby because I am testing what seems like millions of times a day on this new insulin.   Coffee is within arms reach!  Laminator is heating up and ready for the game pieces.  A few of Elizabeth's binder clutter and Emily's binder and Biology book there too!  Oh and can't forget a baggie with some brads in there to complete the project.