Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It comes naturally...

Everything in our lives comes naturally.  Not talking about organic stuff...just life in general.

I don't feel that we create any of the chaos that may be a part of our comes naturally.

Emily's 2 back surgeries this year...comes naturally.

Emily's infection on her incision....comes naturally.

Judge's germs...comes naturally.

Elizabeth's germs...comes naturally.

Jesse's germs....comes naturally.

Jesse's mrsa and cellulitis...comes naturally.

My anxiety...comes naturally.

A wedge in our day that diverts all plans....comes naturally

Its how we deal with these things that counts.  Emily's surgeries are we just deal with the infection with antibiotics and consistent wound care.  I am a mom...this comes naturally.

Everyone had germs in the past month.  I took care of each one of them with the proper tylenols, motrins, cough medicine, inhalers.  I am a mom...this comes naturally.

Jesse's mrsa and cellulitis, took him to see doc...she got his meds and we are moms...this comes naturally.

Homeschooling all 4 of my children...comes naturally.

My anxiety, I try and figure out the triggers and try and keep them at bay...this isn't coming very naturally. Because I am still working on everyone else that I haven't figured out how to work on myself yet.
I can take care of 3 kids with Type 1 diabetes but leave myself at the curb.  Luckily my diabetes, up until this weekend, hasn't been very picky and pretty easy to handle.  I am trying to make this come naturally.  I have to be the role model for my children and I am learning to make this as nurturing and natural as possible.  I don't let them see my faults, screw ups or mental manipulations.
My children are my is my husband.  Christ entrusted me with his children for a short amount of time and now it is up to me to teach them trust in Him which should come as naturally.  I shelter them from the short comings , screw ups and mental manipulations of other people too...this comes naturally to me.

When my 13yo has a conversation with me about what rehab is and I have to differentiate the difference between physical rehab (strokes, cardiac, broken legs) and alcohol rehab, I know she has been kept safe.  She asks the question and I answer it in a factual way.  I can give her anectdotes of stories that I remember seeing certain things at her age.  She didn't know that kids her age are drinking, smoking and popping pills.  She sounded surprised.  Last night when we are in the ER and the doctor is worried about her having a pulmonary embolism asks if she is taking birth control.  Emily's head almost did a 1-80 turn and said "I am 13!!"  Doctor explained that 13 year olds take birth control for reasons other than preventing pregnancy but also to help regulate their monthly cycles.
Having conversations like these come naturally...having them not experience them firsthand I hope will come naturally...

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