Thursday, March 7, 2013

My piping is messed up!

You can take this in many ways I am sure.  Yes, it is messed up when your little girl because a teenager and messes up your piping.  But I am talking about plumbing this time.
Emily and I were getting ready for a doctor appointment and there was a jacuzzi party going on in the toilet bowl.  While I would have rather been invited to a real jacuzzi party this one was not wanted.  I don't know much about toilets and couldn't tell you where the plunger is either.  I usually call someone.  So of course I flush the (clean) toilet and it overflows everywhere...there's a washer load of towels!  As if I didn't remember that history repeats itself...I walk to the other bathroom. You guessed it already I am sure, I flushed it!  Second load of towels!
Tried to call the hubby, he is either out of range, in a meeting or on the phone.  No luck there.  So I did the most logical other thing to do, call gas & water dept.  Then I had to make a decision whether now I had to take Elizabeth with us to Nashville for Emily's appointment.  I thought, the boys can go to the bathroom outside, but girls can't.  So Elizabeth was on her way with us.
The boys called later and said the toilets were working now.  I get home to find a bunch of big trucks leaving the area from that department.  The next morning they tell me a bunch of garble that I can't process and really didn't want that clouding up in my brain.  I retell what I could to hubby.
A few days later, the codes dept shows up.  Good friend of ours.  But still he had to make his appearance and let me know what I needed to do.  So I have been on phones to get bids from plumbers I don't know, don't know if they are honest, don't know if they are looking for a fast buck for a half done job in my yard.
A plumber friend of ours came over to take a look just a bit ago who's cousin may be doing the work.  We have another plumbing company coming tomorrow to give us a bid.  But what has to happen is they have to dig 40-50 feet from our clean out to some tall white pvc thingy with a cap on it by the curb and attach it to the main sewer the mean time gas and water has really messed up our curbing.  We were advised to take pictures.  Done!
Now I guess we wait and see what the estimate will be.  We told him to try and be as conservative as you can considering that things are tight here with Emily having 2 back surgeries this year already and now a major infection and multiple trips to Nashville.  And starting tonight trips to Cumberland City nightly for packing changes.  Gas prices need to drop significantly! Fast!

Nice lovely mess they made in my yard without even letting me know they were going to do it!

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