Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stray homework and at the shelter...pieced together

I am working on lesson plans today and trying to get ahead a bit.  New books have been coming in and I am trying to piece things together.  I was excited about a literature book I found a goodwill.  Then I found the teacher's edition for only $3 online.  The TE came in and it doesn't match the student text.  Some things match but not all.  I found the correct edition on for less than $2 and ordered it.  As we wait for this to come in I am finding similarities in the older edition I can use.
The story "Stray" by Cynthia Rylant for example.  I can use the helpful information in the TE to do this and in the student text there are comprehension questions.  Then I went digging online and found a self-test and worksheets that match this story.
The story will work particularly well for us as we just signed up last week to be volunteers for the local animal shelter!  Oh what fun we have had already!!  Lately we have had alot of snowdays up on our hill and haven't made it to the shelter.
Just another way to link our homeschooling work with life! I love it!
eta: in continuing to find more and more for this unit on Egypt...more worksheets!!