Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leaning towards some new curriculum.

I am not talking for Jacob as he is heading into high school and I don't want to switch up what we are doing with him...his 4 year plan is made and hopefully set in stone!

I have found this website called Guest Hollow.  They seem to use a lot of different books to help teach the lessons.  I like this.  I don't like just handing over a textbook and say "do lesson 58 today".  That is boring!  We always try and add videos, movies, hands-on techniques and so on.  I have no idea what homeschooling method this is.  But it is what it is at our home...and it works for us.

Anyhow back to Guest Hollow.  There are many curriculums there that are free and she has lesson plans ready to print.  Many different books that go with things too.  You can check out her website through the button on the side.  I have already ordered this book:
Go ahead and click on it!

A weekend to remember...

The plan for this weekend at the lake was for me to get caught up on homeschool planning.  My girlfriend and I have made this trip each February for several years now.  It started out to be a way for us to catch up on scrapbooking.  Other priorities have come up for me so I have spent the weekend planning (or trying to) and cross stitching.  Love to have time to stitch!!  The internet is really unpredictable at the lake.  I did find that if I sat out the front door I could pick up service but who wants to sit on a wood walkway on the computer.  That didn't last too long.  I still couldn't print no matter where I sat or stood.  I called Sprint and had them turn on my wifi hotspot and that helped a little.  My kindle fire worked well but the laptop and cell phone did not.  One thing I did have with me that didn't need wifi was my camera!  In the years past we have seen sea gulls and muskrats around the lake edge.  But this year we saw Pelicans!!! They were the most gorgeous creatures and I couldn't help myself from running down to the lake to capture these fascinating birds!  They follow in a line and all dive for the same the same time!  Sounds like my kids!!! They follow each other around and eat the same foods....haha!!!  We asked about the Pelicans and the servers in the restaurant said they come around this time every the hundreds!  That morning we only saw about 6 or 7.  By the afternoon there were around 50 outside our balcony!  One thing I did find out...they don't like lemon wafers.  You can not entice them to come and eat.  They probably needed some chocolate but I didn't want to give any away.  Lemon wafers were great for the Sea Gulls! They loved them!  I should have brought goldfish crackers and they would have thought they were getting fish instead!  :)
Of course you can imagine how Sea Gulls are swooping down to get the wafers.  I think these birds would eat anything.  I remember a time in Pensacola FL when I was 12 and I was throwing Runts candy up in the air and they were getting them and eating each piece.  Crazy birds!  Sorry for whoever got the waste from the Runts on their windshields!!

 Here is one of the birds swooping from the wide air circle it made.  Landing approach was successful and so was the take off.  I waited for a snake to pop out of the water and eat the bird...but I didn't see any snakes this year.  Nor did we see any muskrats.  We normally see several each year!.  A few boaters were out this weekend but not many.  A couple of people were fishing from the lake banks but didn't catch anything.  The Lions Club was having a conference at the resort this year.  A few families were there too enjoying a long weekend.  We had beautiful 50 degree weather throughout the weekend until the day we left to return home.  It is cold and in the 30s.  Weather could possibly produce some snow today.  Wrapped up our weekend at Cracker Barrel in Cadiz, KY this morning...a must destination to conclude our weekend!