Friday, July 19, 2013

All in a day's work...

We are still easing into our schedule....hence, why I am up at 4am working on lesson plans.

 metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole; sound devices such as alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, rhyme; and rhetorical devices such as anaphora and epistrophe.

Defining and writing an example sentence of each.

Found a website called Share My Lesson . com .... browsing through there a little to get some ideas on spicing up the things that we are learning this year.


Timeline of the Holocaust powerpoint.  Writing notes, background study on WWII.  Getting ready to lead up to Reading Chapter one of "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" for English.

6th grade:
Jesse can probably value from learning the same literary terms as Jacob and Emily.


4th grade:
Reading chapter 5 of Charlotte's web.
Beginnings of making a lapbook for Charlotte's Web.

Beginnings of multiplication.  Using manipulatives.  And a few videos to watch.

Fridays are our catch up or easy days.  If we can get a full week in from Monday through Thursday then I will use Friday as a creative day to wrap the week up.  But since Emily was in Atlanta on Monday and slept Tuesday and in the hospital on Wednesday afternoon....we have much to catch up on.  Jacob had a lazy week as well.  Jesse and Elizabeth stayed on schedule for the most part.  Elizabeth read in her Charlotte's Web book and worked on her tan by the poolside.  Her swim lessons are at 1 and they usually swim for 3-4 hours each day...its been a swimming summer for the both of them. She has really enjoyed learning to swim this summer and came home with her "I passed Level 3" card!  Good thing....because I just paid for her Level 4 classes to start on Monday!!

Happy Weekend everyone!  My Monday starts today at work!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A little of this...A little of that

As I am wide awake at 4am...I start my day getting organized for Day 2 of fall classes.  Yesterday, we only accomplished Algebra 2 and swimming.  The younger two worked on some worksheets and read Chapter 1 of Charlotte's Web.  Which brings me to my next point.  July 11th is E.B. White's birthday.  Read your favorite book by the author and check out this WEBSITE if you are using Charlotte's Web this year as part of your curriculum.

We are starting Day 1 of Chemistry.Here are a few videos to get the class going:

I think I have settled in on an online Japanese 1 curriculum for Jacob.  He is not wavering on his decision to take Japanese...rats!  So I guess I will be learning along with him.  Not that I don't already have French, German and Spanish textbooks here.  But Japanese is his interest right now.  And what kind of homeschooling mom would I be if I didn't let him follow his interests?  Just my opinion.  Homeschooling is about flexibility and sacrifice.  Here is the curriculum that was listed on a fb group that I recently found.
I have already printed out his first worksheet to go along with the video.

Until we start our book study of "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" I am going to supplement with some VOCABULARY work to get started on 11th Grade English.

Jacob is working on OCEANOGRAPHY today for the first day.  We are easing our way into our very full, heavy year.  I told them that I think 11th grade is the hardest year that I had in high school.  Senior year seemed to be a breeze.  Here is today's assignment:
  1. Copy key terms in the vocabulary section
  2. Answer essential questions on your own paper.  Write question and answer using an intelligent words with your answer.
  3. Across the top.  Keep tabbing over to read the content.  Page 6 and 7 are your assignments each week.  You must turn your assignments in on Thursdays to me.  If it is an online activity I would like to see the finished answers.
Emily's Advanced Biology 2 won't start for at least another week as we are still waiting on the curriculum to arrive.  I didn't realize it was in pre-order status.

And then we have Government...yes, I found my curriculum!  In a tote bag from the curriculum fair tucked in behind the recliner :)
We are using We hold These Truths & Exploring Government by Notgrass

Monday, July 8, 2013

Our first day back...

HP Photosmart e-All-in-One - Print/Copy/Scan WirelesslyI was not as prepared as I would have liked to have been.  I utilize my email a ton!!   As the kids copied the power point notes for Algebra 2 I noticed it was taking a lot longer than it needed to be.  Maybe I was expecting them to do much more and faster.  So I just ended up printing the power points and gave them each a copy to write in their notebooks.  I think that rewriting is a great way to copy things into your brain and it stick.  My printer is definitely getting a workout these days!  I bought this printer on (no I don't get a kickback if you buy it there...I work there but no commissions)  But if you don't already have a good printer and one that is up to date.  I recommend getting a printer that has e-print capabilities.  Many a nights I have found coupons sent to my printer from my best friend as a hint on where we will eat lunch next.  Its pretty comical actually.  But this is the printer that I have right now.   And of course they have flexpays where it doesn't hit your pocketbook all at once.  But I am grateful to a sizeable discount too.  In today's UPS package was all the rage here in the house.  We finally bought a paper shredder from hsn as well.  I am hoping it will work far I am not too impressed with it over heating after about 20 pages.  But then again I am giving it a good work out as the kids have been cleaning out their binders from last year.

Here are the book lists that have been chosen for the kids this year:
11th grade:
Great Gatsby
The Color Purple
The Boy in the striped pajamas
the Scarlett Letter
Our Town
The kite Runner
Death of a Salesan
Black Like Me
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Bet you can't see a trend/pattern here...

6th Grade:
Lawn Boy
The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg
Charlotte"s Web
Amelia's War
Because of Winn Dixie
The Lightening Thief

4th Grade:
Lawn Boy
Charlotte's Web
Charlie Bones Series
39 Clues Series
Clementine Series

Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 - 2014 Classes

I believe I am finished as far as getting the list of classes written down. As I sat and listened to Peter Cetera and Miranda Lambert  I bought two science sets this afternoon.  That is about as far as I have made it.  I need to make it a point to promote my Thursdays to plannning days.  Since my days off from work are Wed and Thursdays.  But sometimes life takes over and planning goes as fast out the window as our insulin pump sensors!  We throw hard too so watch what may pass by your window too!
English and Language classes need a lot of prep work and so do the elementary social studies.  I am thinking of doing the social studies class to be state centered.  I saw that book called Eat your way through the states that would be a great supplement.
Here it is...because you know if its on paper its solid, haha!

Emily has the following classes this year:
Algebra 2
Advanced A & P 
             11th Grade English

Jacob's Classes:
Algebra 2 
11th Grade English

Jesse's Classes:

Apologia Land Animals
Language 6th
Spelling 6th
Math 6th
Social Studies 6th (Unit Studies)

Elizabeth's Classes:
Apologia Land Animals
Language 4th
Spelling 4th
                  Math 4th
                  Social Studies 4th (Unit Studies)