Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 - 2014 Classes

I believe I am finished as far as getting the list of classes written down. As I sat and listened to Peter Cetera and Miranda Lambert  I bought two science sets this afternoon.  That is about as far as I have made it.  I need to make it a point to promote my Thursdays to plannning days.  Since my days off from work are Wed and Thursdays.  But sometimes life takes over and planning goes as fast out the window as our insulin pump sensors!  We throw hard too so watch what may pass by your window too!
English and Language classes need a lot of prep work and so do the elementary social studies.  I am thinking of doing the social studies class to be state centered.  I saw that book called Eat your way through the states that would be a great supplement.
Here it is...because you know if its on paper its solid, haha!

Emily has the following classes this year:
Algebra 2
Advanced A & P 
             11th Grade English

Jacob's Classes:
Algebra 2 
11th Grade English

Jesse's Classes:

Apologia Land Animals
Language 6th
Spelling 6th
Math 6th
Social Studies 6th (Unit Studies)

Elizabeth's Classes:
Apologia Land Animals
Language 4th
Spelling 4th
                  Math 4th
                  Social Studies 4th (Unit Studies)

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