Friday, April 5, 2013

So far so good!!

I am now at the end of my 3rd week of training with HSN.  I am loving it.  I did have a glitch yesterday where I need to learn how to deal with other people's attitudes.  Afterall, this is my first real job in almost 18 years and I homeschool 4 kids.  I can deal with kid attitudes all day long but I am not accustomed to adults sarcasm and snapping.  I don' thing it is something that I have to tolerate but if you know me, I am not a confrontational type of person.  I just think that I need to learn how to deal with my own feelings first.

That said...
On the prompting of a friend that my older kids really are old enough to make their own schedules for school...I have implemented that this week.  Although it has taken my daughter a full week (maybe a day or two more) to finish this task, it is getting done.  I have given them realistic goals on when certain books should be finished so that their transition is smoother and summer classes can begin.  Still speaking of the older two, they have stepped up and have been taking turns making dinner at night for the family.  Easy stuff, and I am usually able to help with prepping duties on my 2:30 lunch break.  Emily is helping Elizabeth with spelling tests and Jacob is working with her and math.

Jesse is a bit behind like the older two because 3 of them decided to take the week off that public school had for spring break even though I scheduled their week off for next week!  Because of this they will work through the planned break except for Elizabeth.   She stayed on her schedule.

Elizabeth can't stand to be behind on her schedule.  And she dislikes working on her homework when it is dark out...I think those are great parameters she has set for herself.

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