Monday, September 17, 2012

Its the littlest, tiniest things that matter

It is the smallest things in life that make a difference.  For me anything homeschool or diabetes related make my world spin a little smoother.  Having 4 happy, energetic and easily entertained kids help out tremendously too!
We now have a ginormous whiteboard in the study and it was fun putting Jesse and Elizabeth's spelling words on the board Friday.  So much fun I guess that Jacob and Emily felt a little left out and asked  for spelling words too! That's right...they asked for them!  Not sure if they will like the ones I came up with but maybe they will learn the age old "be careful what you wish for" saying.

We had a great weekend playing at the park, walking a ton, fishing, watching the kids goof off at the river, ice cream blizzards, falling asleep to the sounds of rain outside!  A fun filled couple of days that we hope to keep going this week and with a little math thrown in too!

Today is site change day for the kids and we will see how their numbers are doing and whether we can wait until this afternoon to do the changes.