Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Food Gifts

Pampered Chef has some great ideas when it comes to gift giving with a budget.  We all love the holiday jar gifts we have received in the Mason Jars.  I know I do.  What if you received a gift in a small batter bowl?  It can be the gift that keeps giving!!
When you buy a small batter bowl  ($12.50) I will send you some holiday tags that includes gift tags with recipes.  Easy to attach to the handle of the batter bowl with a ribbon!
The recipe mixes included are for brownies, harvest pumpkin bread, celebration cookies, cowboy chili!

Order HERE before December 18th for Christmas Delivery!

Homeschooling from bed at times...

I think Elizabeth and I were able to get through more material today since she is sick in bed.  I had her full attention after all!  She seems to have caught some type of virus.  We thought something was going on when her sensor was dropping and so were the fingerstick tests.  I thought viruses and germs cause your blood sugars to raise.  My kids are the exception I suppose.  So a pallet was made next to my bed for the past two nights where she slept at arms reach.  She had a drink at my bathroom sink, a coke on the nightstand and yogurt going in her belly!  She also had her kindle and was ready for the long nights.  I am glad she was because I was pretty tired.  Later on in the night she developed a sandpaper rash but I am happy to say that today her blood sugars are up a little (around the 130s) and says she feels better.  I really think she is bored of staying in bed and wants to be better.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pre-Holiday Party Plans!

Kick back and view the Fall/Winter 2012 catalog with a PRE HOLIDAY need to get dressed up or find a babysitter Grab a cup of java or tea and browse through our catalog! 

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Do you have a product that you need ideas for...let me know and I can email you recipes for any product.

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Kick back and view the Fall/Winter 2012 catalog with a PRE HOLIDAY need to get dressed up or find a babysitter Grab a cup of java or tea and browse through our catalog!  

Pampered Chef has some great items for your kitchen & grilling area (indoor & out)! Shopping online has never been so much fun and easy! All orders can be placed online and shipped directly to you.

Here is how it works:

1. Visit
2. Click "Shop Online" and enter Regge Jones as the host
3. Shop away!

December 1st - 7th

Guests spending $75 will earn the Stackable Cooling Rack for FREE!! ($15.50 value)

Do you have a product that you need ideas for...let me know and I can email you recipes for any product.

All orders will be submitted together and shipped when the show closes on December 7th; credit cards will be processed at that time.  For security purposes I can't see your full cc number...only the last 4 digits. Direct shipping is available to anywhere in the U.S.  Questions? Email me

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The beginning of the holiday season

Our holidays have started off very well.  Thanksgiving was stress free, lots of food and plenty of catching up with stories.  Tables were beautifully set and ready for out of town family to arrive.  All the typical Thanksgiving fare was served and today after eating on the leftover for a few days at Judge's parents home we brought everything to our house.  They were tired of eating turkey and they knew with 4 growing kids it wouldn't last very long here.  I think I need to make some more sweet potato casserole though (that's my favorite) and one the first to be finished off too!

Now I am getting ready to start about Christmas and which boxes that need to come upstairs first to begin sorting.  I don't want to overdo it.  The kids are cleaning rooms this afternoon and straightening up the basement that has been neglected for the past month.  While I catch up on reading and learning spanish.  I already know some conversational spanish but this program DuoLingo is kind of showing me I really didn't know as much as I thought I did!  It is really fun and to me it feels like a learning game.  You can attach it with your facebook and compete against friends I suppose.  I did this but only invited my children to come learn with me.

Yesterday, Emily helped me finish up the lesson plans for the week. The only one that isn't on the board is Elizabeth's plan as its already on the computer.  Its really nice having Jacob and Emily in the same grade as their assignments are quite even except for the math part.  Jacob is taking Advanced Geometry while Emily is working on Algebra I.  We are desperately in need of another laptop in our house.  Too many people needing to be on the computer at the same time.

A lot of my friends are gluten free and I found a list of pantry items that are in the Pampered Chef catalog.  She is a fellow consultant and she has this list on her blog HERE.  Thanks Erin!

I was thinking of making either Large Meatballs tomorrow for dinner or a homemade BBQ.  I have the meat for either one but really can't decide.  The Large Meatballs would help and be good hand therapy for me as I roll them into balls.  I was thinking of making them like small meatloafs (but circular) and putting them in my muffin stone.  But if I make the BBQ, I do have a nice sized pork loin I can slice up and put in the large oval baker and then get to use my salad choppers (which is also good OT for my hands).  I think we have eaten a lot of buffalo chicken dip and we are burned out on that one. So I need to change things up a bit.  Either recipe I decide to do I bought a sauce that I can use for the marinade.
And remember with tomorrow being Cyber Monday, orders over $75 not only get a free serving spatula but they also get FREE SHIPPING!  This can save a lot especially depending where you are!  I do have an open party right now and you are more than welcome to take advantage of the free shipping tomorrow if the order is large enough to close tomorrow.  Otherwise individual orders are always welcomed!  Come visit my Pampered Chef site!

Monday, November 19, 2012

2 great recipes

None of my mindless thought today or teary eyed "so-that's-why-I-am-the-way-I am" feelings.

Lets talk about recipes...are you looking for something to make this week.

Yesterday I posted my goal list of what I wanted to be able to do.  I was able to get everything done except for the creme brulee.  I think I will do that this morning.  Here is the recipe I will be using.

Perfect Crème Brulee Recipe
torching creme bruleesRecipe Type: DessertPuddings & Custards
Yields: 6 servings
Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 40 min


egg yolks, chilled
6 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 1/2 cups whipping cream, chilled
4 tablespoons granulated sugar, for topping

See the website for more instructions!

Most of my friends know that I love brussel sprouts!  I like them plain, steamed and buttered but this recipe caught my eye.  Not sure it would be appreciated by everyone but I know I would thoroughly enjoy it!

caramelized brussels sprouts

12-14 large brussels sprouts
1 tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
pinch sea salt
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/4 cup roughly chopped pecans or walnuts, toasted

Slice each brussels sprout very thin until you have a mound of feathery brussels sprout ribbons. Heat the olive oil over medium high in a large skillet and saute the garlic for 30 seconds. Add the brussels sprouts and continue sauteing for another 4-5 minutes, until bright green and tender. Add the sea salt and brown sugar and toss together. Finish by adding the toasted nuts.
20 minutes

Hmmm this blog has me thinking...she has another recipe that does the shredded brussel sprouts with bacon and couscous.  I am not thinking dinner tonight will be caramelized brussel sprouts, with shredded chicken and bacon.  Doesn't that sound yummy??

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sea Legs

Today I am up on my 2 sea legs.  A little wobbly, a lot off balance. But I am determined to do this today.

So far I have walked to the living room from my bedroom.  Then went to the kitchen to get some lunch.  Walked back to the living room and almost lost my lunch by tipping over and thank goodness Judge caught me in time.  He was able to get me back to the couch with my lunch intact! :) Yay me!  Then I walked to the puzzle table and worked on the puzzle for a bit, walked to the bathroom (will spare the details) and now I am back to the couch.

Goals today:

Make sure I can walk to the bathroom

Watch football from maybe the recliner this time

Make dinner (chicken fajitas on tortilla below)

Try to make Creme Brulee for the first time.

Make sure I can walk to my bed to go to sleep tonight

If you haven't figured it out yet...the keyword today is WALK!  I am walking!

Pampered Chef Blog Plug
This is what you will need to make the shredded chicken (and done in the microwave too)  Cook it, shred it with the salad choppers, add seasonings and voila!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Checking my boundaries...

Are my boundaries unobstructive?

Are my boundaries clear?

Are my boundaries creating havoc in my physical life, emotional life and/or spiritual life?

How are my boundaries affecting my children?

It seems that my feelings are hurt more now than they have ever been.  I feel that I am tearing apart on the inside first and then the outside is coming soon.  I find that the outside part is my physical life and my insides are my emotional and spiritual life.

I am experiencing all three parts right now as I cope with a pretty good attitude a medical issue that is still up in the air as to what it "officially" could be.  All arrows point to an obvious diagnosis but we have to wait up on the Lord and the doctors.

Having an unhealthy boundary that brings you down at every chance due to their lack of "having a life" is hard.  Having "know it all" boundaries are hard to deal with as well.

I am trying not to be needy and look like I am put together really well but its not working for me right now and in the now I am having outward emotions.  I know the children have seen some of it as it comes out in my moods.  And sometimes my moods are dictated by my blood sugars.  When my blood sugars are high it is usually due to stress or stressful situations.

I found this quote and it totally applies to me but I just don't know where to start:

“You change for two reasons: Either you learn enough that you want to, or you’ve been hurt enough that you have to.” ~Unknown :

Learning to set healthy boundaries can feel uncomfortable, even scary, because it may go against the grain of the survival skills we learned in childhood - particularly if our caretakers were physically, sexually, or emotionally abusive. For example, we may have learned to repress our  anger or other painful emotions because we would have been attacked and blamed for expressing the very pain the abuse had caused. Thus, attempting to set healthy boundaries as an adult may initially be accompanied by anxiety, but we must learn to work through these conditioned fears, or we will never have healthy relationships. But this process of growth takes time, and our motto should always be, "Progress not perfection."
Here are some tips for setting healthy boundaries, modified from the book, Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin, by Anne Katherine:
  • When you identify the need to set a boundary, do it clearly, preferably without anger, and in as few words as possible. Do not justify, apologize for, or rationalize the boundary you are setting. Do not argue! Just set the boundary calmly, firmly, clearly, and respectfully.
  • You can’t set a boundary and take care of someone else’s feelings at the same time. You are not responsible for the other person’s reaction to the boundary you are setting. You are only responsible for communicating the boundary in a respectful manner. If others get upset with you, that is their problem. If they no longer want your friendship, then you are probably better off without them. You do not need "friends" who disrespect your boundaries.
  • At first, you will probably feel selfish, guilty, or embarrassed when you set a boundary. Do it anyway, and tell yourself you have a right to take care of yourself. Setting boundaries takes practice and determination. Don't let anxiety or low self-esteem prevent you from taking care of yourself.
  • When you feel anger or resentment, or find yourself whining or complaining, you probably need to set a boundary. Listen to yourself, then determine what you need to do or say. Then communicate your boundary assertively. When you are confident you can set healthy boundaries with others, you will have less need to put up walls.
  • When you set boundaries, you might be tested, especially by those accustomed to controlling you, abusing you, or manipulating you. Plan on it, expect it, but be firm. Remember, your behavior must match the boundaries you are setting. You can not establish a clear boundary successfully if you send a mixed message by apologizing for doing so. Be firm, clear, and respectful.
  • Most people are willing to respect your boundaries, but some are not. Be prepared to be firm about your boundaries when they are not being respected. If necessary, put up a wall by ending the relationship. In extreme cases, you might have to involve the police or judicial system by sending a no-contact letter or obtaining a restraining order.
  • Learning to set healthy boundaries takes time. It is a process. You will set boundaries when you are ready. It’s your growth in your own time frame, not what someone else tells you. Let your counselor or support group help you with pace and process.
  • Develop a support system of people who respect your right to set boundaries. Eliminate toxic persons from your life - those who want to manipulate you, abuse you, and control you.
  • Setting healthy boundaries allows your true self to emerge – and what an exciting journey that is.

    My highlighted area is where I am right now.  Please pray for me as a hard transition is in the horizon.

    Lord I ask you to be with me during this trial and tribulation.  I ask that you provide the comfort that I am so much need of.  I need to find your love and guidance as I embark on this emotional journey.  I pray for peace on both sides of the fence and for understanding and as little of a transition as possible.  In Jesus Name,  Amen.

    How's that?  My first online prayer.  Not great but not too bad either.  God knows what is in my heart each time my heart gets broken.  Only He knows my desires and my needs.

    I thank my friends who are true friends.  That they have taught me what true friendship is through this season in my life.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bringing me closer

Sorry I know I was going to write on Saturday morning but instead I thought I would put my body through its own trauma and get a lot done while Judge was a willing driver.  We had a wonderful day but I sure did pay for it later that night.  

Something I have had heavy on my heart is the outpouring of kindness we have  been a recipient of in the last few weeks.  Since my hospitalization we have had meals brought in, days set up for people to pick up my children so they can still attend handbell choir, numerous calls, text messages and a ride here and there for me to get a few things done.

First I must mention that I had a similar medical experience 6 years ago and we did attend church at that time too.  We did end up leaving the church because we did not feel like we belonged when I came home with my right side not working properly.  The only help that we received was getting me back and forth to therapies and the kids to public school.  Our helpers weren't apart of the church.

As church members we should help our own flock.  I am not saying this as if everyone needs to get over here right now because I have a spot on my floor.  I am saying this as a sheep knowing that we must all stick together.

Something I have also noticed is that the people that have helped are not only visitors from our church leadership but people from our previous church that we don't have membership.  So our help has come from our church family and other church "families" too.  It is nice to see that our society is starting to come together as a family.  Even if its just a glimmer of unity.  I can see it.  And I hope the light shines bright enough for others to see it to.  

Families just because we don't belong to the same church I hope we are still worshiping the same God.  We have that common bond and sense of family.  Families take care of families!  I received a card in the mail from my aunt in Texas.  She has always been Catholic for as long as I can remember and went to services at different times than we did.  She sent the most beautiful card that brought tears to my eyes.  It was a Get-Well Prayer that stated that I was to be remembered in daily prayers at Saint Lawrence Seminary for 1 year.  I hope they won't forget me after a year but it was very touching to receive the card not only signed by aunt and uncle but also their "priest"?  How sweet is that.  She didn't have to do that.  She is not a Baptist like I am but I know that we have the same God.  I have had long conversations with her about the differences and similarities of our churches.

I guess my grand point is that we don't have to go to the same church as each other or belong to the same group of friends....although that may be how you find out who may be ill.  Churches are coming together as one and taking care of God's people. I find this to be a blessing!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

More grey hairs and sore legs

I think I have a schedule made for the therapists that come to the house.  I am in definite need of a day off after PT comes.  She wears me out.  So I let them know PT on Tues and Frid then OT on Mondays and Thursdays.  I think this will work.

Here is my #1 of positive and negative for the day.

#1 positive .  Jacob is working really hard.  Participating more and more in handbell choir.  I hated to have to make him do this music class but he really needed to do it!  And i have heard nothing but good things lately about his attitude and participation.  Praise God for what he is doing for my son!  Other praises for him...he helps me transition from room to room.  When I am ready to go to bed he makes sure I have my phone, a drink for night meds, remotes and things put away.  During they he will clear paths for me, push me if I need help getting through a doorway or over a bump.  He has done tremendously well in this transition for our family.  I also like the fact that the armrests come off the wheelchair making it easier and less effort for me to be more independent.  It was also nice for all of us to go to the grocery store today. If I can just slow my pusher a bit so I can take in the experience a bit!

#1 negative.  Sitting in a wheelchair most of the day was cool at first as it gave my leg a rest.  But my butt hurts.  #1 on the agenda tomorrow is to find a comfortable blanket to sit on.  Watching tv in your wheelchair is not comfortable either.  Idea for next Grey's Anatomy in my bedroom and not in a different room.  I could transition to a recliner but I may not want to get back up.  I am so ready for bed.

Homeschooling did ok.  As usual, Jesse can't find his papers he has been working on since Monday.  Jacob is caught up and I really enjoyed teaching him about triangles with inside and outside angles.  That was fun for me at least! I hope he keeps that same enthusiasm.  Emily is on her own.  Tomorrow is Friday and I hope that she doesn't have to spend the day playing catch up.  No therapies tomorrrow with limited interruptions makes getting more work done with Elizabeth tomorrow.

Never thought I would take for granted the idea of getting fresh air.  Its not like I can just get in the van with the kids and a cooler or bikes.  If you know me...I am an inside person.  Now I want to be geared up and on my bicycle listening to some tunes and adding up miles.  Maybe I will start slow and just get my cross stitch back out and work on fine motor skills.  I have therapy putty to work on.  Screws to maneuver the nut up and down and packets full of exercises to be doing.

Saturday is the day I am looking forward to.  A quick trip to McKays to drop off books and see what is new.  Then we are wheeling through the mall to get me some new loose pants.  Jeans don't work when you are in a wheelchair.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Early Bird Got the Worm this Morning!!

Usually I don't refer to myself as an early bird!  I was kind of excited to get up and see who won the Presidential election .  Like waking up early to see what Santa brought!!

Kids started chores early, breakfast, showers...they all left to take the van to the shop and walk home.  So really we got a lot done already!  
Elizabeth and I sat down and finished a social studies lesson on scarcity, trade-offs and opportunity costs.  3rd grade is too young to learn such economic issues.  But at least they watered it down when they started talking about chocolate bars.  That peaked her interest.
We worked on a science lesson distinguishing the difference betweeen vertebrate animals and invertebrate.  Swim bladders, gills with oxygen in and carbon dioxide out!  She had about 4 pages of verb worksheets to finish before her class connect this morning and then she is finished

Today as I was looking through the catalog there is a delightful dessert that I like to make that is super easy.  Its just lemon pie filling and a box of angel food cake.  That's it! 
This is a great thing to whip up that is fast and easy and tastes great!  I normaly don't frost mine.  I just eat it plain or even sprinkle some powdered sugar over it.  I have made them in small loaves too!

Here are some tools that would work great to make this awesome dessert/ snack!!   Online Party ends FRIDAY
Brownie Pan                  

 Silicone Floral Cupcake Pan

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My new day

Everyone probably feels that each new day brings new things.  Lately that is not how I have felt.  But today did bring new things.  Depending on how you look at things (half full or half empty) I kinda took it both ways.
The new wheelchair is here!  This is a Yay!  This will help me not get so fatigued as quickly as I have been.  The physical therapist was here for almost 2 hours schooling me on the proper ways to get in and out of the wheelchair from the couch or the bed.  I had been using my walker to get around everywhere which limited how much I got up but now when Judge is not home I have to be in the wheelchair (or a piece of furniture) until he is home and then I can use the walker when he is available to catch me if I were to fall or help me.
So the new walker has wheels in the front and gliders in the back so carpet is not holding me back anymore. Fanny pack moved to the new walker.  So Yay on having the wheelchair but Nay on having to use it more than I thought I would be told to.

I was grateful that the wheelchair is not hospital looking.  It is nice, with a good sitting feeling. Mostly black with some grey speckles.  Removable foot rests if needed.  Only two places in the downstairs that have a bit of a lip between rooms that I have a harder time getting into that room. to put some muscle in it!

The rest of the therapy session was spent laying in the bed and learning some leg exercises.  Actually, the time was spent watching her move my leg for me to show me how its supposed to "look". Ha!  In time...
Ready for a nap.  Physical therapy wears me out!

Wanted to share about a Pampered Chef product that I was reading more about today.  If you have a catalog look on page 34 at the bottom.  If not you can see the catalog online HERE.  There is a full set for a microwave chip maker.  In the set comes with both trays, The Simple Slicer and a Smoky Barbecue Rub.  Think of the possibilities beyond potato chips (which would be healthier if you made them without all the grease and oils), sweet potato chips, apple chips.  Hmmm...I wonder if you could do pineapple slices too?  Sounds like great snack ideas!  Especially with the holidays coming up!  The full set is 59.25.  I would assume you could make your scalloped potatoes this way too!  My Pampered Chef

Monday, November 5, 2012

What was I thinking??

I have had a very "eventful" last couple of weeks.  2 visits to Vanderbilt ER for high blood sugars, vomiting and  dehydration.  1 visit to the local ER via Ambulance from the doctor office for the same thing.  Then between this I talked to my husband about buying a Pampered Chef kit.  He agreed to the mini kit.  Hey! Now this was really big for me to ask for permission first before doing it on my own.  So there has to be some kind of treasure in this.  There simply HAS to be!!  So that next night I sat up late and ordered the kit. Looked around the website a bit and then went to bed.  The next morning started out ok.  I was a little tired but pushed myself through what seemed like a normal day.  I was cranky for sure!!  Instead of finishing lessons with Elizabeth because I couldn't concentrate while the leaf blower was blasting outside our window, I decided to go blow leaves too!  I love to blow leaves.  Instant gratification watching the line of leaves billow across the driveway!!  Mmmm...  Had my phone in my pocket, pandora playing music in my earbuds and everything was great!!  Well, not quite....

I had a phone call come through and I wasn't able to finish speaking the conversation before I needed help.  Looked to my husband sitting down the driveway as he was watching me and he knew I needed help too.  I crumpled toward the ground and he caught me before I landed completely.  The rest of this story is what has been told to me....not because I really remember any of it.

Somehow, Judge and Jacob had gotten me into the house and on the couch.  I do remember my face.  Oh my face was aching and shaking.  Judge said my left side drooped a lot and my words didn't make any sense.  (I know what you are thinking already.  Sounds like a stroke.  Sounds like bell's palsy.  It really sounded like a lot of things that were vaguely familiar as some of these things happened during my stroke 6 years ago.)  Kids each knew what to do on how to get my blood sugar meter, check it, check my pump, check my sensor...everything. They have it all down and work well together.  He said we stayed home for about 20-30 minutes and then we headed to the hospital.  I remember getting to the jeep.  But the next thing I remember again wasn't until later that night in a different city and a different hospital with different people.  Not too many people enjoy visits to our local ER as it has had a lot of bad rumors and probably actual things that have happened.  I, for one, have had not so happy visits.  But then again, I have been there on occasion and knew what I needed got it (bleeding kidney infections) and was able to go home with a happy story to share.  Because everyone has a hospital story.  Especially if they have ever accompanied me to the hospital.

This time was a little bit in fast motion as time was critical.  One thing I DO remember was a med they put in my IV called Dilantin and OMGoodness...I had a severe reaction to that and was screaming from the burning rash I was developing on my backside and all underneath.  Say Ahhhh with Benadryl chasing after it.  Had a CAT scan to rule out any brain bleeds.  All good.  No neurologist on staff at the hospital.  No surprise there really but what surprised my husband was the fact that they could wheel in some sort of computer that a neurologist was able to connect to and observe me.  She said, Can you get her to Vanderbilt?  Sure!  Oh wait, no beds available.  Time to go to Skyline via ambulance.  By this time I had already received lots of Ativan and Valium before getting to the new hospital.  Ugh...skyline and I have a rather unhappy relationship.  I don't agree with many things that they say and/or do.

I woke up that night after getting there somewhere between a garden hose seeking liquid and monkeys picking through my hair.  (Really it was the catheter going in and them putting eeg leads on my head)  But I am correct on how I perceived what was going on.  I know you laughed at this....go ahead and admit it.  I did too.  We had an low disturbance (that's what they called it) eeg for 24 hours.  It had a camera on me and everything. I was in the neurology ICU department so my visitors were scarce, even my husband wasn't allowed in most of the time.  I couldn't eat.  I couldn't hold up my left leg and after the 50th time of about 6 neurologists trying...I still couldn't do it.  My left arm as well.  I couldn't feel my face still and it was like pins and needles most of the time.

Went in to the hospital under the pretenses of having a seizure disorder which bewildered us.  While there, HEY! let's do a full stroke work up.  Everything was coming back pretty normal.  I went home. End of story.
Yeah maybe not in such a fast, easy way.

Yes, I saw about 6 neurologists.  Some that got mad at me because I couldn't remember if I stared when I was in school.  Sorry, 33 different schools from Kindergarten - graduation....ummm, no.  I don't remember.  To psychiatric nursing coming in to bully me for not taking my insulin pump off.  Two thumbs up there! Not!  Finally the last neurologist comes in and actually sits down with us and says...I would like to get records brought in and take a closer look towards MS.  This is something we have had brought to our attention about a year ago so it made sense.  Before leaving another neurologist stopped by and said, "You know, in the back of my head I am thinking this is MS".  Great...

In the meantime since discharge I spend my days either in my bed where it is really warm or on the couch.  I can get in between the two places by using a walker.  I have been out of the house maybe 3 times since then and it is really difficult.  It will take awhile to get an official diagnosis of MS as lots of things have to be done first.  I know a sleep study is coming up soon and then a spinal tap after I see the neurologist as an official in office patient.  Not someone laying in a hospital bed looking like a robot with tubes sticking out of every orifice.

So for several days I felt like there wasn't a tomorrow or a glimmer of hope.  Then one night Jacob helped me with an idea I had to fix a fanny pack to the front of my walker.  A little more independence!  I can now carry my phone, meter and earbuds! woohoo!  I spent well over a week not being able to swallow foods except soft stuff like jell-o and yogurt so I have lived on blueberry yogurt for far too long.  I started eating on Thursday night.  Friends have been kind and brought meals to my family so they can eat and not have that extra worry on them as to who was cooking and what?  Thursday night a meal was brought that I was finally a little better to be able to sit out on the couch and eat it.  This was the first day of us having home health therapy in the home too.  So I was still having a lot of emotions and trying to deal with what was to come.  Since Thursday mealtimes have improved.

Judge and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary this past weekend and I was glad I could eat by then so we could enjoy a dinner out together.  Sushi it was.  Still not a lot of chewing involved but bursts of flavor was a good thing.  Oh and Creme Brulee that they brought to us! Yum!!

Home health therapies are coming 4 days a week to help get me moving again and using all functions of my body back to where it was before all of this happened.  Occupational therapy should be here soon...wonder what today will bring?  I know what today has already brought to me.  It has brought more hope and I have felt more promises from God in just the last few hours.  I just got to the living room about an hour ago but before then I had a mini office set up on my bed.  Kids were up, chores done (I think) and everyone ready.  So Jacob and Emily had their school stuff ready and organized for the week.  I finished up Jesse's school work mostly for today and a little language for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is another day for him.  My sister came by to chat for a few minutes, took a few catalogs and is willing to do an online/catalog party for me! Yay!  Elizabeth and I read through 3 social studies lessons today as well for her schoolwork.  I logged on to her k-12 site and saw that today and tomorrow are vacation days.  Perfect!  We will strive to get caught up on everything we have missed while I have been immobile or in the hospital!

So see...I can get some things done.  I laugh and tell people that for my anniversary my husband bought me balls.  Tennis balls, that is.  For the feet of my walker.  Makes it easier to glide across the wood floor and kitchen.  I was even able to go get my own yogurt after the kids left for dentist appointments! How about that for progress!  Its the little things that get us through.  My Grand Beginnings is my motto right now.  Beginning to relearn things that most take for granted and beginning this Pampered Chef venture.   I do have an open show right now that is closing this week.  Please look through...I am sure there is something you can find for yourself or something to create yummies before the holidays.  Grand Beginnings  If you would like to host a catalog/online show (as I am not vertical or cleared for cooking yet) please let me know.  I know many who enjoy the stoneware and you can get it for 60% off this month when you place your show order.

Enjoy your week and try to find the small things to give thanks to God that you have.