Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ramblings, daughters, cross stitching and recipes

I don't think this post should take too long as my insulin pump is driving me bonkers with the alarms blaring.  I am sure you have noticed lately that Emily has written a few things on here.  Not much but she should branch out a little.  We took a 2 week vacation to Texas to visit with a large amount of family that gathered to celebrate my grandparents 68th anniversary!! Amazing...Glory to God!

Link is below under "slice of heaven"...visit their site! Yummy stuff!
When I returned home my brain went towards what to make, or cook.  I found several things I liked!!  I thought I would start a recipe bucket list on facebook! I will update it tomorrow! I only made 2 things this week from the list just because I ran out of time.  But I have to say if you get the chance to  make the lemon cakes...OMGoodness it is pure slice of heaven!!  I did not use strawberries this time but will next time!!  Such a delight to eat!  I also made the infused water.  Which the girls came in and  put it in the blender to make popsicles with it.  Not sure how that turned out :P

Ah yes, cross stitching.  I have a few things that I am looking for.  If you have it and would like to share, let me know if you have it in your stash!  Only stitchers know what a stash is...I hope!
Blooming With Inspiration - Cross Stitch Pattern

The first two can be found at The Stitchery but this last one I actually have been watching a lady make it step by step...its been beautiful.  Its called Blooming with Inspiration.  Gorgeous piece!.
I just can't get to all of these stitching blogs tonight...I am getting tired!

But I will say this...the first person that is able to send me the pattern from their stitch will get a nice package in the mail!  Its a Contest...and its Ready, Set, Go time... :)