Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My new day

Everyone probably feels that each new day brings new things.  Lately that is not how I have felt.  But today did bring new things.  Depending on how you look at things (half full or half empty) I kinda took it both ways.
The new wheelchair is here!  This is a Yay!  This will help me not get so fatigued as quickly as I have been.  The physical therapist was here for almost 2 hours schooling me on the proper ways to get in and out of the wheelchair from the couch or the bed.  I had been using my walker to get around everywhere which limited how much I got up but now when Judge is not home I have to be in the wheelchair (or a piece of furniture) until he is home and then I can use the walker when he is available to catch me if I were to fall or help me.
So the new walker has wheels in the front and gliders in the back so carpet is not holding me back anymore. Fanny pack moved to the new walker.  So Yay on having the wheelchair but Nay on having to use it more than I thought I would be told to.

I was grateful that the wheelchair is not hospital looking.  It is nice, with a good sitting feeling. Mostly black with some grey speckles.  Removable foot rests if needed.  Only two places in the downstairs that have a bit of a lip between rooms that I have a harder time getting into that room. to put some muscle in it!

The rest of the therapy session was spent laying in the bed and learning some leg exercises.  Actually, the time was spent watching her move my leg for me to show me how its supposed to "look". Ha!  In time...
Ready for a nap.  Physical therapy wears me out!

Wanted to share about a Pampered Chef product that I was reading more about today.  If you have a catalog look on page 34 at the bottom.  If not you can see the catalog online HERE.  There is a full set for a microwave chip maker.  In the set comes with both trays, The Simple Slicer and a Smoky Barbecue Rub.  Think of the possibilities beyond potato chips (which would be healthier if you made them without all the grease and oils), sweet potato chips, apple chips.  Hmmm...I wonder if you could do pineapple slices too?  Sounds like great snack ideas!  Especially with the holidays coming up!  The full set is 59.25.  I would assume you could make your scalloped potatoes this way too!  My Pampered Chef