Monday, February 21, 2011

Egypt is getting pretty long-winded...

Found a couple of shows to watch in continuing our journey through Ancient Egypt.  More surprisingly, I found it on the planet green channel.   Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen  the other one was Scandals of the Ancient World.  These shows turned out to be a great way to back up what we have already learned for this subject. 1 algebra lesson down...that was it for today.  We had to take Emily to the dr. for an ear infection...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stray homework and at the shelter...pieced together

I am working on lesson plans today and trying to get ahead a bit.  New books have been coming in and I am trying to piece things together.  I was excited about a literature book I found a goodwill.  Then I found the teacher's edition for only $3 online.  The TE came in and it doesn't match the student text.  Some things match but not all.  I found the correct edition on for less than $2 and ordered it.  As we wait for this to come in I am finding similarities in the older edition I can use.
The story "Stray" by Cynthia Rylant for example.  I can use the helpful information in the TE to do this and in the student text there are comprehension questions.  Then I went digging online and found a self-test and worksheets that match this story.
The story will work particularly well for us as we just signed up last week to be volunteers for the local animal shelter!  Oh what fun we have had already!!  Lately we have had alot of snowdays up on our hill and haven't made it to the shelter.
Just another way to link our homeschooling work with life! I love it!
eta: in continuing to find more and more for this unit on Egypt...more worksheets!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

to scan or not to scan...

The social studies workbook came in today's mail. I found that the pages are perforated so I thought I should probably tear it out and maybe make a small binder with the pages. That way we can still use it next year with Emily and then the following years with the other children. So I tore the first 4 pages in the chapter we are starting in and scanned them on the printer and made copies for Jacob to write his answers.

And I think I want to reorganize his big binder. I think we may need to move to a Volume 2 for this semester. His binder is jam packed (neatly though). But I want to get some manila file folders and hole punch them and categorize his papers by subject. example: Egypt, Weather, Fractions, Equations...I think its kind of our way of doing a lapbook that I keep reading about. But instead of cutting and pasting pictures it is making more of a portfolio of his learning.

Tomorrow I will get the materials to do this...and we may take time to put this together.