Tuesday, February 1, 2011

to scan or not to scan...

The social studies workbook came in today's mail. I found that the pages are perforated so I thought I should probably tear it out and maybe make a small binder with the pages. That way we can still use it next year with Emily and then the following years with the other children. So I tore the first 4 pages in the chapter we are starting in and scanned them on the printer and made copies for Jacob to write his answers.

And I think I want to reorganize his big binder. I think we may need to move to a Volume 2 for this semester. His binder is jam packed (neatly though). But I want to get some manila file folders and hole punch them and categorize his papers by subject. example: Egypt, Weather, Fractions, Equations...I think its kind of our way of doing a lapbook that I keep reading about. But instead of cutting and pasting pictures it is making more of a portfolio of his learning.

Tomorrow I will get the materials to do this...and we may take time to put this together.

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