Thursday, November 8, 2012

More grey hairs and sore legs

I think I have a schedule made for the therapists that come to the house.  I am in definite need of a day off after PT comes.  She wears me out.  So I let them know PT on Tues and Frid then OT on Mondays and Thursdays.  I think this will work.

Here is my #1 of positive and negative for the day.

#1 positive .  Jacob is working really hard.  Participating more and more in handbell choir.  I hated to have to make him do this music class but he really needed to do it!  And i have heard nothing but good things lately about his attitude and participation.  Praise God for what he is doing for my son!  Other praises for him...he helps me transition from room to room.  When I am ready to go to bed he makes sure I have my phone, a drink for night meds, remotes and things put away.  During they he will clear paths for me, push me if I need help getting through a doorway or over a bump.  He has done tremendously well in this transition for our family.  I also like the fact that the armrests come off the wheelchair making it easier and less effort for me to be more independent.  It was also nice for all of us to go to the grocery store today. If I can just slow my pusher a bit so I can take in the experience a bit!

#1 negative.  Sitting in a wheelchair most of the day was cool at first as it gave my leg a rest.  But my butt hurts.  #1 on the agenda tomorrow is to find a comfortable blanket to sit on.  Watching tv in your wheelchair is not comfortable either.  Idea for next Grey's Anatomy in my bedroom and not in a different room.  I could transition to a recliner but I may not want to get back up.  I am so ready for bed.

Homeschooling did ok.  As usual, Jesse can't find his papers he has been working on since Monday.  Jacob is caught up and I really enjoyed teaching him about triangles with inside and outside angles.  That was fun for me at least! I hope he keeps that same enthusiasm.  Emily is on her own.  Tomorrow is Friday and I hope that she doesn't have to spend the day playing catch up.  No therapies tomorrrow with limited interruptions makes getting more work done with Elizabeth tomorrow.

Never thought I would take for granted the idea of getting fresh air.  Its not like I can just get in the van with the kids and a cooler or bikes.  If you know me...I am an inside person.  Now I want to be geared up and on my bicycle listening to some tunes and adding up miles.  Maybe I will start slow and just get my cross stitch back out and work on fine motor skills.  I have therapy putty to work on.  Screws to maneuver the nut up and down and packets full of exercises to be doing.

Saturday is the day I am looking forward to.  A quick trip to McKays to drop off books and see what is new.  Then we are wheeling through the mall to get me some new loose pants.  Jeans don't work when you are in a wheelchair.

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