Friday, November 30, 2012

Homeschooling from bed at times...

I think Elizabeth and I were able to get through more material today since she is sick in bed.  I had her full attention after all!  She seems to have caught some type of virus.  We thought something was going on when her sensor was dropping and so were the fingerstick tests.  I thought viruses and germs cause your blood sugars to raise.  My kids are the exception I suppose.  So a pallet was made next to my bed for the past two nights where she slept at arms reach.  She had a drink at my bathroom sink, a coke on the nightstand and yogurt going in her belly!  She also had her kindle and was ready for the long nights.  I am glad she was because I was pretty tired.  Later on in the night she developed a sandpaper rash but I am happy to say that today her blood sugars are up a little (around the 130s) and says she feels better.  I really think she is bored of staying in bed and wants to be better.  

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