Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leaning towards some new curriculum.

I am not talking for Jacob as he is heading into high school and I don't want to switch up what we are doing with him...his 4 year plan is made and hopefully set in stone!

I have found this website called Guest Hollow.  They seem to use a lot of different books to help teach the lessons.  I like this.  I don't like just handing over a textbook and say "do lesson 58 today".  That is boring!  We always try and add videos, movies, hands-on techniques and so on.  I have no idea what homeschooling method this is.  But it is what it is at our home...and it works for us.

Anyhow back to Guest Hollow.  There are many curriculums there that are free and she has lesson plans ready to print.  Many different books that go with things too.  You can check out her website through the button on the side.  I have already ordered this book:
Go ahead and click on it!

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