Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's activities

I found a math helper for Elizabeth the other day on Pinterest 
Not because she is having a hard time with this concept but more because she likes this concept and I thought it would be fun for to do!
Emily is trying to play catch up from the time she was off from back surgery on the 19th.  Biology is one that I need her caught up on quickly so that she and Jacob are at the same place in the book.  That way the projects can be done together!
Right now the 3 older kids are working on IEW until noon (our new lunch time).
Meet our new 10 week old guinea pig "PipSqueak"!!
This is what I am calling my creation station for the day.  Blog open with other tabs opened to create the math helper.  My blood sugar meter nearby because I am testing what seems like millions of times a day on this new insulin.   Coffee is within arms reach!  Laminator is heating up and ready for the game pieces.  A few of Elizabeth's binder clutter and Emily's binder and Biology book there too!  Oh and can't forget a baggie with some brads in there to complete the project.

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