Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is it Fall yet?

We have had a long end of summer.  I am ready for fall and all its colors, smells and cooler temperatures.  I am ready to wear my hoodies again, turn off the A/C in the house and van, see less bugs and take more bike rides.  Goodbye high humidity and scorching hot temperatures!  I have always said that I would rather be cold and add more layers than to be hot and not be able to take everything off!  

At the end of August we had to start testing Jacob's blood sugars for about 3 days to rule out the beginnings of diabetes.  His A1c was a little more elevated than our endocrinologist would like to see especially for our kids.  Jesse was diagnosed with a lower A1c than what Jacob's was in August.  But he is doing fine, blood sugars and fastings were great!!  

Judge had a biopsy on a bump he has below his eyelid and the pathology report came back that it was cancer.  After waiting for an appointment to see the plastic surgeon the day was finally here.  We discussed a plan of action and what the process would be like and he found another bump even closer to his eyelid.  Nice... Two days later the surgeon called us back and said that he wasn't comfortable doing his treatment and was referring him to an orbital surgeon in Nashville.  So tomorrow is the day for that appointment.

I have felt an urge and a need to get on more of a schedule this week.  I need to see something on paper and not have to rely on my brain to tell me what we are doing today.  Too many dr. appointments, music classes, music lessons and writing classes to keep up with our normal lessons, chores and LIFE!  We have to live, right?

This morning I took the time to download the SOS Spanish class for the older three.  While doing that I thought well, when are they going to do this??  I can't have them fighting over the computer and saying "Its my turn!".

I spent about an hour and developed an incremental time schedule with an appropriate subject to where I would be available to help if needed and staggered their computer time for Spanish, chores, lunch and all the other things that require my taxi service.  

While I am being a taxi service we also have to remember we need to EAT dinner!!  What better way to come home but to have dinner already made for you?  I found this website last night and have already combed through it and tweaked a couple to our liking.  Looking forward to getting the last couple of ingredients to make dinner for tonight! Crockin' Girls
Crockin' Girls

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